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10 fun gift ideas for Hearthstone players | Gift Guide

Hearthstone took the world of card gaming by a storm. Set in the Warcraft universe, it offered a take on competitive CCGs that is as fun as it is complex. To help you find the perfect gift for the special gamer in your life, we gathered some of the best Hearthstone gift ideas.

Hearthstone: Innkeeper’s Tavern Cookbook

Hearthstone’s central place is a friendly inn. However, the players never get to eat anything. The Hearthstone Cookbook solves this problem and lists several savory meals, such as the Proudmoore Platter and the Fireside Log.

Hearthstone stress ball

Crush this little hearthstone to release all stress you gathered losing that one last game. Despite looking just like the popular Warcraft item and logo of Hearthstone, this stress ball does not guarantee teleportation to your favorite inn.

Battle.Net gift card

If you don’t know which Hearthstone gift would be the best for your giftee, a gift card is always a safe bet. Credit the card with the amount of your choosing, and let your friend decide how to spend this budget in-game.

Art of Hearthstone

The Art of Hearthstone shares some of the initial designs that inspired the popular Warcraft card game. This hardcovered book features artwork set in the Hearthstone universe, as well as additional lore and anecdotes about Hearthstone.

The Hearthstone Pop-Up Book

The Hearthstone Pop-Up Book gathers everything we love about the game and displays it in a new way. Turn the pages to see the decor rise in 3D and rediscover the most iconic scenes from Hearthstone.

Hearthstone wallet

Playing Hearthstone can be expensive if you like spending time in the in-game shop. This wallet is a cool way to remember to save money in your daily life, so you can add a few more cards to your collection next time you log in.

Hearthstone: Worthy Opponent Puzzle

Puzzles are a great way to pass time, especially when you need to stay at home. The Hearthstone: Worthy Opponent Puzzle is a light, fun way to spend an afternoon.

Hearthstone soft plush pillow

While cushions aren’t the newest thing around, this soft plush pillow is a nice gift for a Hearthstone fan who wants to spice up their interior decor – or sleep on a hearthstone to think about a better deck for their next game.

Hearthstone hardcover journal

Sleeping on the previous item on this list didn’t help with building new strategies? No worries, Blizzard published a Hearthstone Hardcover Ruled Journal to help with that. This hardcovered book is ideal to create new decks and drafting strategies, before crushing enemies in a card battle.

In-game gift

Finally, Hearthstone features an in-game shop, which you can use to buy new cards and decks for yourself or send them to a friend. The gift shop also includes the pre-purchase of future extensions and new heroes. Gifting new cards is the ideal gift for a Hearthstone player, as they have to chance to drop a legendary powerful card.

We hope these Hearthstone gift ideas have helped you out! Stick around with SQUAD for more gift guides.

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