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6 cool gift ideas for Overwatch players | Gift Guide

If you don't like pineapple pizza, you may not like one of these gift ideas.

Are you looking for a cool gift idea for an Overwatch player in your life? Here’s our selection of Overwatch-themed gift ideas ahead of the holidays.

The Art of Overwatch

Overwatch has deep lore explaining its story in detail. Blizzard regularly publishes official comics and art books, taking a deeper dive into one of the character’s back story, or an event that impacted the Overwatch team.

Overwatch Loot Box cookie kar

Will you get a legendary cookie? Instead of holding skins and emotes, this Overwatch loot box holds your favorite cookies. If you have grabby roomates or relatives, you can use the Loot Box to hide your cookies in plain sight.

Overwatch Monopoly

Monopoly has had various themed editions, including an Overwatch one. The players’ tokens represent D.Va, Lucio, Mercy, Tracer, Winston and Reaper. Two heroes of each class, to make sure everyone can pick someone they like!

Overwatch Lego sets

If you want to share Overwatch with a younger relative, you can step aside from the classic action figures and offer a unique way of discovering an Overwatch hero: a Lego set. Bastion, Junkrat, Reinhardt or Wrecking Ball, there is a Lego kit for every Overwatch player.

Nerf McCree gun

Channel your inner sheriff with this special Nerf gun at the effigy of McCree’s blaster. Keep your (fake) gun ready at all times, because as the Overwatch sheriff would say, “it’s high noon somewhere in the world.”

Overwatch Official Cookbook

Just as World of Warcraft, Overwatch also has its own cookbook. From Soldier 76’s milkshake to the Orisa Sundae, cook just like your favorite hero. Spoiler alert: Winston likes pineapple pizza.

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