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6 gift ideas for League of Legends players | Gift Guide

League of Legends players can get a bit picky about a gift when it comes to their favorite game, so you better make sure that this Christmas you get everything right. Thankfully you have this guide which will make it a lot easier.

League of Legends Poro plush

These plushie hats are soft, durable, and look exactly like the little animals in the game. They are also amazing pieces of winter attire, so the one you are giving the gift to can proudly show off their love for League of Legends for the whole season.

Funko Poros

Am I going overboard with the Poro theme? I don’t think so, they are one of the most beloved parts of the game, so there is no way to actually go overboard with them. This pack contains two specific kinds of Poros that are only available every once in a while, and a King Poro.

League of Legends face mask

It’s unavoidable nowadays, so why not gift your friend something that they can use both as a mask and an accessory? It’s soft, the graphic work is great and it can also keep you warm during cold weather.

Wood division All Stars mug

Be careful with this one, if the person you are giving the gift to is sensitive about their rank in League of Legends this can set them off. But if they are confident about their gameplay, they will likely appreciate the joke.

Wood division all stars mug

League of Legends mouse pad

There is no gamer in the world that doesn’t need a good-sized mouse mat that also displays characters from their favorite game. It’s simple, useful, and this item will also remind that specific person of you whenever they decide to play a match.

Poro sweater

It’s made with the “ugly sweater” theme, but also has Poros on it. What else could you want? A lower price maybe, as the official site sells this sweater for $65 USD, but the comfiness is totally worth it.

Poro sweater

I hope these League of Legends gift ideas have helped you out! Stick around with SQUAD for more gift ideas!

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