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7 gaming gift ideas for LEGO fans | Gift Guide

Build the perfect gift with these Lego gift ideas

It’s hard to find the perfect gift when you construct your gift list. Have no fear, with our list of gift ideas for the LEGO loving gamer in your life, they’ll be building their next adventure in no time at all. We compiled a list of 7 of our top picks of gaming related LEGO sets for you below.

LEGO Super Mario sets

LEGO has had a great selection of gaming-inspired sets over the years and the latest Super Mario sets might just be their best yet. With interactive LEGO via the special Mario figure, this set is a no brainer for any fan of LEGO and Super Mario. This starter set should get you going on the right foot, with a variety of other options available.

LEGO Minecraft sets

Minecraft LEGO feels like an oxymoron. The video game, often dubbed the LEGO of video games, now has a LEGO series and it’s a great one. With a number of sets available, the Minecraft LEGO sets are great for LEGO and Minecraft fans alike. With a number of sets across multiple Minecraft themes and biomes, you’re sure to find something that would make a good gift.

LEGO building play mat

If you buy a fair few LEGO sets, you’ll need a place to put them. So here’s a cool gift idea for anyone with a habit of building a lot of small projects: a rollable LEGO mat. This mat is an ideal small gift for any serious LEGO builder, especially those that love to create vast custom sets.

LEGO Overwatch sets

Another set for the gamer in your life comes from another top gaming franchise, as Overwatch joins the LEGO party. With lots of options available across the series, the Overwatch LEGO set has something for everyone. From small sets to huge LEGO mega builds, it’s a great gift for any Overwatch fan. And if you need more ideas, we have a separate Overwatch gift guide.

LEGO games

Another great option for LEGO fans that loves to game is, well, a LEGO game. From Marvel to Jurassic Park, the LEGO franchise has something for nearly everyone. With their trademark humor and their unique way of telling your favorite stories in LEGO form, the LEGO games are great for adults and kids alike. The Marvel LEGO Collection is available on PS4 and Xbox One and is a great one to start with.

LEGO Baby Yoda set

With two seasons of The Mandalorian available, it’s the perfect time to add some Baby Yoda to your LEGO collection. The LEGO Star Wars: The Child stands at 7.5” (19cm) high, making it almost life-sized.

If the LEGO gamer in your life has everything they need, then maybe they will love this handcrafted hardwood hisplay case. With space for 32 LEGO minifigures, they’ll be able to display all their favorites. Alternatively, this gift idea is great for people who just want to know where their mini-figures are for when they’re ready to build that next set. It’s also an Etsy item, so you know you’re getting something handcrafted and supporting a small seller.

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