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Pick the perfect lootbox with our Fortnite gift ideas.

Even if you are not a player, you have probably heard of Fortnite, the game that created a whole mania and caused the battle royale genre to explode in popularity. If you are looking for gift ideas for a Fortnite fan, we got you covered with this list of original, funny, and useful Fortnite gifts.

Monopoly Fortnite Edition

You want that Victory Royale, but lack the skill to beat your friends? Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone. You can take your revenge by stealing everyone’s money in the Monopoly Fortnite Edition. Plus, you will finally find out which friend or relative is a cheater.

Fortnite Lootbox Trifold Wallet

Have you ever dreamed of opening your wallet and suddenly you get more cash? That is what it feels like to open a lootbox, sadly. You can try your luck with this Fortnite trifold wallet featuring the llama lootbox, but we can’t guarantee a higher drop rate.

Official Fortnite How to Draw Book

Sketching is cool. Being able to sketch your favorite character is way cooler. Unveil the artist in your gamer friend with the Official Fortnite How to Draw Book. Two books are already available. They each provide different step-by-step drawings of popular Fortnite characters and items, such as the Rainbow Smash, the Lootbox Llama or even the Battle Bus.

Large Loot Drop Box

This storage box can make a fun gift, but it’s really better used as the container for a fun gift. This loot box serves both as extra storage space and decorative item, as it looks exactly like in-game drop boxes. Why not fill it with other Fortnite gift ideas from this list?

Fortnite Vending Machine

If your giftee likes making a mess when they play, this Fortnite vending machine is the perfect gift idea. This figurine contains 19 small pieces you can easily spread all over your house. Jokes aside, the Fortnite vending machine includes a character figurine, 9 weapons, 4 back blinks, and 4 materials.

Fortnite 1×1 Builder Set

Fortnite is one of the few FPS games to include building elements, and to this day it’s also one of the best at it. The Fortnite 1×1 Builder Set emphasize on this aspect by bringing building to Fortnite toys. The builder set includes various tools, weapons and building materials, to create the perfect base.

Official Fortnite Battle Journal

The Official Fortnite Battle Journal is the ideal companion of any Fortnite player. This logbook helps players keep track of their games. They can then check if they earned more Victory Royales than the week before, create their own outfits, and list their favorite emotes.

Fortnite Ranger & Llama Decorative Pillow Cover

The Jay Franco Fortnite Ranger & Llama Decorative Pillow Cover was just too cute not to make this list. The brand made several variations of Fortnite decorative pillow covers, so you can even get matching ones.

Which of these Fortnite gift ideas did you pick? Stick around with SQUAD for more gift ideas!

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