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8 fun toys for the gamer in your life | Gift Guide

The holidays are here, and with them comes the joys of gift-buying! You know the ones – confusion, indecision, hesitation, etc. In an effort to help save some of that holiday frustration, here’s a gift guide for holiday-themed gamer toys for your friends!

Squishmallows – 5″ The Gamer Assorted

First up we have everyone’s favorite line of super squishy plushies! By giving your gamer friends gamer Squishmallows, you can both make them feel appreciated and represented while also going super meta.

Pokémon – 6” Articulated Figure

The tagline isn’t “gotta catch ’em all” for no reason! From Charizard to Lucario, your favorite Pokémon fan will surely appreciate having their favorite pocket monster by their side!

Moltres pokemon articulated figure

Pokémon – Clip N Go Pokeball

Admit it, we’ve all wanted to feel like a real Pokémon trainer at one point or another, and now you or your friends totally can with the Clip N Go Pokéball! Just clip the belt on and you’re ready to get out there and start working on your Pokédex!

Pokémon – Plush

This is the last Pokémon toy, we promise. Some Pokémon are cuddlier than others, that’s just a fact – and now you can have your own soft and cuddle-worthy Poké-pal to keep you company.

Halo – Energy Sword

The single most powerful melee weapon in the Halo universe is now yours to wield. Will you use this tool responsibly, or will you (rather predictably) get into sword fights with your friends while you make clashing noises with your mouth? We’re not judging… just predicting.

Halo energy sword toy

Rocket League – Micro RC Competition Pack

What’s better than virtual cars kicking around a virtual soccer ball? We assume you don’t really need an answer, but the answer is real cars kicking around a real soccer ball. Yes, indeed now you and your friends can (safely) play Rocket League in real life!

Rocket League – Light Blast Racer Breakout

If the micro RC cars were a bit too small for you, the Light Blast Racer Breakout has you covered. Decked out with lights, sounds, a motor, and more, this should well satisfy any car-soccer fan.

Marvel – Heroes of Goo Jit Zu

Heroes of Goo Jit Zu – strange as they may sound – are stretchy, gooey, and powerful, and now they come in Marvel form! Gift your friends their favorite Marvel heroes, each filled with a unique goo and ready to take on whatever threats come their way. Think Stretch Armstrong, but geekier!

Iron man goo jit zu

That’s all for now! Hopefully, these spurred some ideas to help you out over the holidays, if you’re still stumped for gifts though, stay tuned to SQUAD for more gamer gift guides and ideas!

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