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8 gift ideas for Dead by Daylight players | Gift Guide

It’s fairly easy to find gift ideas for Dead by Daylight players, but the ultimate list lies right here, ready for your use. Each of these cool looking items will be greatly appreciated, and some of these are also pretty useful.

Dead by Daylight mouse mat

Like I said in my previous article discussing bad gaming gift items you should avoid, mouse mats are one of the best things you can give to a gamer. They are useful, portable, and can come in handy whenever someone needs a no-slip surface, not just while playing games. This one also has the Dead by Daylight logo printed on it. It not only looks great, it’s also really durable.

Repair the generator pillow

This one is a personal favorite. It’s a pillow that says “Repair the generator” (along with some light cursing) that shows everyone the utter despair and rage that overcomes survivors in each and every game. If you know someone who likes to play as a survivor and gets really anxious while repairing, then make sure to get them this pillow. They will surely love it.

Dead by Daylight mask

Once again, one of the simplest gift ideas that is useful and has the Dead by Daylight logo on it. It’s particularly great at the moment, since we should basically be wearing a mask at all times. Although, once this pandemic is over it can still be used, as it can easily keep the face warm and protected in colder weather, while also remaining quite breathable. The material is nice, and the whole shawl-like design is pretty cool and makes this  a nice winter accessory.

Action figure of The Trapper

The Trapper is perhaps the most iconic killer in Dead by Daylight. Every player knows what he looks like and what he does, so you can’t really go wrong with an action figure of him.

This specific one is a bit pricey, but that because it is very detailed and made of the best quality material possible. Not to mention the fact that he also has a removable mask, and of course, a very detailed face underneath. He also comes with a bloody cleaver and a bear trap. For collectors, this item would be a must-have, and a much appreciated gift.

The Huntress mask

Anna, otherwise known as The Huntress, is another really iconic character in Dead by Daylight. Her mask is easily recognizable and a great part of the game to keep around in a person’s room, even as just a bit of decor. This mask is made of thick latex, which makes it hard to deform or damage. It’s really durable, so it can also be used if your giftee wants to cosplay as the Huntress.

And if you’re hunting for a more authentic look – and are willing to pay extra for it – you should check out these awesome custom-made Huntress masks on Etsy.

Dead by Daylight hoodie

A hoodie is one of the best gift ideas in any season, and in the winter it especially doesn’t hurt to have another warm hoodie around. This one is perfect for a Dead by Daylight player. It’s a very simple graphic hoodie that has the cover of the game printed all over it in high definition. The game’s logo, name and slogan (Death is not an escape) are placed near the waistline in white, which really makes them pop.

Dead by Daylight phone case

Gifting a phone case is a great idea. It’s useful, but it can still help express someone’s personality. This is especially true for gamers as well, as we love to show off our favorite games and characters, and there is no better way to do that than on the back of our phone. This phone case is compatible with the newer generations of iPhones and Samsung phones (check the listing first to make sure the giftee’s model is one of them). It has a simple design on it, with the game’s name, logo and slogan printed on it.

Dead by Daylight PlayStation cover

This final item is only if your giftee plays on a specific console and controller: the PlayStation 4 Slim and the Dualshock 4. This vinyl sticker is specifically cut out for these models, although I’m sure there are others out on the market as well. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find anything this good though, which is why I want to recommend this one specifically.

This pack comes with a sticker for the console itself and for two other controllers. It’s a high contrast image that looks amazing on the deep black color it is supposed to be put on. Don’t worry though, if the giftee changes their mind after having it on for a while, it will come off fairly easily without leaving any sticky residue.

And so I hope this list of Dead by Daylight gift ideas makes your gift shopping experience a little easier, and your giftee happier. Stick around for more gaming content, and don’t forget to check out our other gift guides!

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