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8 great gift ideas for Dota players | Gift Guide

It can be hard to gift a Dota fan something that is connected to their hobby, but thankfully for you I have quite a few ideas that they are going to love.

Juggernaut Funko pop

Juggernaut is one of the most iconic characters of Dota, and you can’t really go wrong with a figurine. This one is specifically great because it has a lot of tiny details, and some fun surprises that can only be seen if you get up close to it.

Dota patch

This cute little budget Dota item lets players show off their love for the game. This one is simple, durable and looks absolutely amazing. I highly recommend attaching it to a backpack or a laptop bag using the velcro on the patch.

Dota curled mouse mat with Juggernaut

Yes, I love Juggernaut. However, this idea isn’t just for decoration, it also serves a purpose. Because of the shape of this mouse mat it can fit on smaller tables where a monitor takes up too much space. I have personally found this feature to be really useful when I play.

Dota clock

Nobody really needs these kinds of clocks nowadays, but you have to admit that this one looks way too cool to pass up. It can make a huge difference in the vibe of the room you game in.

Dota wooden beer mug

I don’t think I should give you any more Dota gift ideas after this one, because it is kind of the best one. If you want to gift someone an item that they can use regularly, represents their hobby, and also looks phenomenal, then here it is. You don’t need to go further, this is the ultimate Dota gift.

Dota collectible squishies

Squishies are great for stress relief, which is just what every Dota player needs. All the time. These ones are also collectible and come straight from Valve, so you know that the quality is going to be bomb. One of these costs $15 USD. Be aware that you don’t get to pick or ban which one you get, so you might end up with duplicates if you decide to order more.

Collectible dota squishies

Dota umbrella

Once again combining usefulness with looking great, this umbrella has all characters from Dota printed on it in a slightly cartoonish style. It’s on the pricier side, as it costs $49 USD, but you won’t be able to find something exactly like it anywhere else.

Dota umbrella

Replica of Pudge’s cleaver

Pudge is another iconic character in Dota and his cleaver can be instantly recognized by any player. Getting a good quality replica of it is every fan’s dream. This one is made of heavy PU foam, which makes it really durable, and it’s also fairly large (61 cm or 24 inches). And it’s not even expensive, as it only costs around $24 USD.

Dota pudge cleaver

I hope this list has helped you find the right gifts for the Dota players in your life! Stay tuned to SQUAD for more gift guides!

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