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8 great Pokemon gift ideas | Gift Guide

Gotta gift them all!

You can’t find a real-life Pikachu for that special Pokemon nerd in your life, don’t worry! We got the next best thing. We gathered some of the best gift ideas for Pokemon fans and players.

Electronic Pikachu Piggy Bank

Keep your precious coins safe with this funny Pikachu piggy bank. Drop a coin on the designated space, and Pikachu will come out of his box to drag it to safety.

Pokeball Pet Carrier Backpack

This one is a must-have for any Pokemon lover with a furry friend! A word of caution though – it can only hold pets, and not real Furries. The Pokeball Pet Carrier Backpack lets you carry around your pet while letting them see what is going on outside through the transparent porthole.

Pokemon Thermos Funtainer

Hydration is the keystone of any trainer in good health. This thermos bottle will help reach the daily water intake recommendation while looking cool. It’s also dishwasher safe. 

Pokeball Plush 5-Pack

Pokemon plushies are legion, but did you know there were also stuffed Pokeball? They make for a nice decoration, but we cannot guarantee you will catch anything if you throw it at your friends. 

Bulbasaur Planters Pot

This flower pot takes the shape of one of the most iconic Pokemon starters: Bulbasaur. It’s a nice and geeky way to add more plants near any gaming station. 

Pokemon Bath Bomb

Gamers can also enjoy a hot bubbly bath. Besides smelling good and being fun to watch, each bath bomb includes a collectible Pokemon toy.

Pokeball Joystick Cover for Nintendo Switch

Pokemon is all over Nintendo Switch, and most Pokemon lovers have the console. You can customize controllers with some joystick covers, and the Pokeball ones are both cute and practical. 

Pokemon Holiday Advent Calendar

For those of our readers who celebrate Christmas, this Pokemon advent calendar includes 16 toys and 8 Christmas accessories, to make December a little happier this year.

We hope these Pokemon gift ideas have helped you out! Stick around with SQUAD for more gift guides!

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