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Authentic gift ideas for Phasmophobia players | Gift Guide

Phasmophobia might lead to a resurgence of ghost hunting in pop culture. If you or someone close to you want to relive the ghost hunting fad of the mid-2000’s, we have some Phasmophobia gift ideas to get you started.

Infrared thermometer

This thermometer is almost identical to the in-game model. If it dips below freezing, you might’ve found a ghost.

Ouija board

Communicate with ghosts through the Ouija Board. This might be the best Phasmophobia gift idea on the list.

Wooden crucifix

Ward off evil spirits with this crucifix. Not guaranteed to prevent a hunt.

Smudge sticks

Great for driving away evil and negative spirits. These sage smudge sticks will cleanse your space with the soothing smell of sage. And you’ll need a lighter to light your smudge sticks, of course.

EMF reader

This LED EMF Reader is marketed to the ghost hunting community. Stay aware, stay safe.


If you really need a bone for a Phasmophobia gift, get this. When the joke is over, feed it to your pup. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t be on the hunt for real human bones.

Chest mounted light

You need at least a little source of light when ghost hunting. How else will you know when the hunt starts?


You can snap your evidence and detect ghost orbs simultaneously with this Canon camera! We can’t guarantee $10 for every photo of dirty water.

Parabolic microphone

This powerful parabolic microphone will pick up all sorts of noises from far distances. Great for trying to cover plenty of rooms at a large location in a short amount of time.

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