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6 gaming gift ideas for gamers on a budget | Gift Guide

As someone said in a sitcom once, the holiday season is a time of joy, happiness, and embracing total financial ruin. Getting those closest in your life the perfect gifts is important, but not all gifts have to break the bank. From stocking fillers to secret Santas to a cute mini-gift for a loved one on the week before the holiday, a budget gift could be and a great way to acknowledge that you know their hobbies, and you think they are cool.

In our budget gaming gift ideas list, we’ll look at some of our picks that fit the bill. Some of these are best paired with each-other, or other items, and some make good gifts on their own.

Video Game Ties

We all want to look smart when we head to a swanky event or a wedding. Sometimes, however, you just want to bring that little bit of your gaming identity with you. If this is your idea of accessorizing, why not pick up a gaming tie?

HyperX Wrist Rest

Ergonomics matter a lot for those of us who game a lot in our time off, and anything that increases your comfort while gaming could be a good gift. Thankfully, the HyperX Wrist Rest does exactly that and for a low price. This article was even written using one of these very wrists rests, so we can vouch that it works.

Super Mario Fridge Magnets

The Super Mario Fridge Magnets let you keep things organized, while also creating your very own Super Mario level in your kitchen (or wherever you keep your fridge).

Question Box Lamp

This is just a great little lamp, whether you are a Super Mario fan or not. It’s perhaps a big too large to fit in a stocking, but I would certainly like to try.

Ready Player One – the novel

You remember Ready Player One? Well, it is apparently based on a book, and here is that book. Ready Player One is set in a future in which most of the human population lives inside a virtual world. The book was very well received and makes a good gift for avid readers, whether they saw the movie or not.

The book is also due to get a sequel in 2021, title Ready Player Two (of course it is), so if they like the first one, they’ll have something else to look forward to. An audiobook narrated by Will Wheaton is also available.

NES Cartridge Coasters

Normal coasters are boring, sure. That is because they are there to humbly protect your surfaces from the onslaught of cans, bottles, mugs or whatever else you drink out of while gaming, and they don’t need to look fancy to do so. NES Cartridge Coasters are different: they protect, and look cool at the same time. This pack of 8 features some of the iconic titles of the NES’ heyday, and will be a great throwback for any gamer who remembers them.

That’s it for our budget gift gaming gift ideas list. Stick around with SQUAD for more gaming and esports content, and more gaming gift ideas!

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