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Gift ideas for Final Fantasy fans | Gift Guide

Get your Chocobo ready to catch those Final Fantasy gifts.

Final Fantasy is one of the most iconic RPGs gaming history, and there are tons of fun items you can get for someone who is a fan of the series. To help you sort through the massive amount  potential gifts, we prepared a list of 8 gift ideas for the special Final Fantasy player in your life.

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game

If Final Fantasy is mainly known for its video games, many by-products take their inspiration from the franchise. The Final Fantasy Trading Card Game features popular faces from the series. Starter guides, decks, mats, rulebooks, and, of course, cards: the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game offers a lot of gift ideas for fans of the game.

Cactuar Desert Socks

This one might be unconventional, but… Cactuar Desert socks! Offering a pair of socks is always a bit weird, but useful – who doesn’t need socks? These ones feature the iconic Cactuar of Final Fantasy. It is a nice geeky touch to everyday clothing. 

Miniature Final Fantasy

Miniature Final Fantasy – No Adventure Too Large is a book recreating iconic scenes from the Final Fantasy series with small figurines. What could be better than tiny Cloud facing tiny Sephiroth, before running away on a tiny Chocobo? Miniature photographer Tatsuya Tanaka does an incredible job re-enacting some of the most popular events in Final Fantasy from a new perspective.

Final Fantasy Clock

If it’s easy to lose track of time playing Final Fantasy, but this clock can help you manage your playtime. Or check how long you have to wait until your pasta is cooked. It’s a clock, you probably know what to do with it – it’s just a fancy one, made for Final Fantasy fans.

Final Fantasy VII Aerith Gainsborough Figurine

Aerith is one of the most famous characters of the Final Fantasy franchise. The flower seller is one of the main protagonists in Final Fantasy VII, and can now stay safe from Sephiroth’s wrath as an official figurine.

Norse Myths That Inspired Final Fantasy VII

Dive deeper into the Final Fantasy VII universe with Norse Myths That Inspired Final Fantasy VII. This book explains the parallels between the game and the Norse mythology, as well as the origins of Midgar and the fall of the Shinra Corporation.

Final Fantasy Plushies

The world(s) of Final Fantasy is filled with mystical creatures, which make for great plushies. Chocobo, Moogle, Mandragora, or even armed Tonberry, the choice is yours. 

Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI is the latest entry of the series, not yet available at the time of this writing. The game’s producer, Naoki Yoshida, recently revealed more about the new world players will discover. Even if there is no official release date yet, Final Fantasy XVI is a must-have for all fans of the franchise.

A word of caution though: the game will only be available on PlayStation 5. Makes sure your giftee has one before buying the game! And if they don’t have a PS5 yet, a bundle with Final Fantasy XVI will probably come out around the game’s launch date. 

We hope these Final Fantasy gift ideas have helped you out! Stick around with SQUAD for more gift guides.

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