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So your friend built a new PC for the holidays as a self-gift, but their setup is looking a little dicey. This presents the perfect opportunity to get them something special and useful. Here are some gift ideas to improve your – or someone else’s – desk setup.

Cable rack

First off we have a cable rack that attaches to the bottom of your desk. Nobody wants to see a nest of wires, and you definitely don’t want those wires rubbing up against your feet all the time. Run your wires through the rack to keep them clean and stop them from being an eyesore.

Cable sleeve

Chances are you have a lot of cables coming out of your PC and they’re just sprawled out everywhere. Get a cable sleeve to keep all of your cables in one bundle and pair with the cable rack to keep everything clean and out of sight.

Desk shelf

Okay, no more cable accessories, this time we have a shelf unit to put on your desk. It’s a nice little shelf with various ways of setting it up to match your needs. Decorate, organize and customize to your needs to match your setup.

Monitor riser/mount

The stand that comes with your monitor is usually pretty big, bulky and unsightly. Buying a monitor mount or riser can help you reclaim some much needed desk room. Monitor mounts are adjustable and a bit cleaner. A riser works just as well, usually providing you with a little slot under the monitor for decoration or storage.

Under desk rack

Here we have a little rack that you can attach under your desk. It slides out and provides a nice little storage area for anything you may need. Just because you’re a gamer doesn’t mean you have to be messy. Throw in your controller, a charger, your phone or even your stationery here for a cleaner setup.

PC desk mount

Maybe you want the cleanest possible setup without any modding to your desk and that’s okay. For your minimalists out there, I submit the desk mount. This attaches once again to the bottom of your desk, and your PC is held in the bracket. This keeps it at arms reach, without it taking up your work and play space.

Headset stand

If you use headphones or a headset for your PC, you’ll need somewhere to put them. Headphone stands come in all shapes and sizes. Some come with LED’s or charging stations so you can get one according to your needs.

Aesthetic additions

If you’re looking to stylize your setup a bit more, look at adding a pop of color here and there with a small potted plant – real or fake. You can also get a desk mat or some LED strips to give it that extra pop.

Hopefully our guide gave you some good gift ideas for a desk setup. We have a lot of other gift guides here on SQUAD, so be sure to check those out if you’re stumped for what to buy this holiday season!

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