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How to shop for gifts for Smite players | Gift Guide

A Smite gift guide to please the gods

The gift giving time is upon us. If you have a Smite player in your life and don’t know what to get for them, check out Smite gift guide and you can’t go wrong.

Smite in-game gifts

If you play Smite yourself and want to give a gift to another Smite player, it is easy with the in-game gifting system! Using this system, you can give another user an item from one of four categories:

  • An emote: this is pretty self-explanatory.
  • A voice pack: also self-explanatory.
  • A Tier 2 skin: defined by the Official Smite Wiki as a skin with “minor model changes and upgrades from the default skins.” These use the default skin voice packs.
  • An Awesome Skin: any random unowned skin, except limited and unlimited skins and those included in the Tier 2 variety.

Smite gift guide

The only disadvantage of giving in-game gifts like this is that they are randomly selected. To our knowledge, it is not possible to gift a specific item from Smite‘s in-game catalog. Still, the person receiving the gift will at least get something they did not own already, as these random gifts are never duplicates.

Actual physical merchandise

Believe it or not, actual physical merchandise for Smite exists.  It’s hard to come by, however, as much of it either isn’t officially endorsed, or is chronically sold out. Thankfully, for official Smite merchandise that isn’t sold out, we have Redbubble. From t-shirts to stickers to coffee mugs, Redbubble has you covered. They even have merch that has the iconic player-created Smite catchphrase “You rock, cancel that.” It’s the gift that keeps on BMing.

Fan-created merchandise

If you are looking for something a little more original (as in fan-created) but not bootleg, then you’ll want to check out the official Smite section of For Fans By Fans. This website has plenty of designs submitted by Smite players. Not only that, but these designs can be put on everything from t-shirts and mousepads, to face masks. With For Fans By Fans, you would be supporting both the developers and the fans who created the art for the merchandise in question, so everybody wins!

Smite gift guide

Smite streamer merchandise

There are plenty of Smite streamers to follow on Twitch, and some of the bigger ones have merchandise of their own. If you want to go this route, be sure to ask the Smite player in your life which Twitch streamer they follow, if any, and then look to see if said streamer has a merchandise page. Players Kurt “Weak3n” Schray and Alexandru “Wlfy” Lefterică come to mind, but there are plenty of other streamers out there with cool custom Smite merch of their own.

This is our Smite gift guide, but there are probably gifts for Smite players we haven’t considered outside of this list. What are some of your gift ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

Stay tuned to SQUAD for more gaming content and news, and if you need more nerdy gift ideas check out our collection of gift guides!

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