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The ultimate gaming gift guide

Getting the right gift for the special people in your life can be tricky. Even if they have a hobby that feels like a safe bet to shop for, your good intentions could misfire. People who enjoy games are still people, with highly specific likes and dislikes, despite gaming gift advertising making it seem like they are all the same default target consumer. So we will start off our gaming gift guide with the most important list: bad gaming gift ideas you should avoid. These are generic items that just scream “Gamer!” and might actually offend the person you get them for.

With that out of the way, let’s go over some real gift ideas. We have prepared an exhaustive library of gift guides to help you find the right thing for almost anyone, whatever their gaming passion may be. Below are lists of good gift ideas for fans of popular gaming franchises.

Gift ideas for console gamers

People who game on consoles might appreciate a bit of personal touch; they would also really not appreciate it if you got them something that only works on PC. So play it safe and get them the right thing from the lists below.

Accessories, peripherals, and general nerdiness

You couldn’t find the right thing on any of the other lists? Here are some more general gift guides that might help you that missing piece.

I hope this guide has made your gift shopping a little bit easier! Stick around with SQUAD for more gaming content and news!

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