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Attackers are the lifeblood of every SWGOH squad if modded right. The damage output from these characters is what dictates whether or not you win in any game mode within SWGOH. Not all attackers are built the same, with some being pure glass cannons whereas others take on properties of Support or Tank characters. We check out the top 12 must-have Attacker characters you can use in SWGOH.

Galactic Legends | Sith Eternal Emperor, Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, Rey, Lord Vader, Jedi Master Kenobi

Almost every Galactic Legend as of right now is an Attacker. It would be irresponsible to create this list without even bringing up the sheer dominance of any Galactic Legend. While Jedi Master Kenobi might run arena shards as of right now, the emergence of Maul alongside Lord Vader can provide some arena-shaking squads to dominate the holotables.

Make it your goal to start collecting some Galactic Legends into your roster as they are by far the best Attacker characters in SWGOH. There’s no wrong pick among the Galactic Legends, but some are definitely stronger than others. The meta always points to newer characters, so try to find a Galactic Legend you like and build towards that.

Journey Guide Characters

Most Journey Guide unlockable characters in SWGOH are Attackers. Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, General Skywalker, Darth Revan, Jedi Knight Revan are all dominant Attackers that carry squads through Grand Arena Championship (GAC), Territory War, Territory Battle, and Galactic Conquest. These characters are must-haves for players exiting the mid-game phase and approaching end-game roster-building. Calling these characters important B-Teams is an almost unfair distinction considering Galactic Legends own the A (or S) tier squads. Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker might be approaching that top tier since he can go toe-to-toe with some Galactic Legends.

Darth Vader

Let’s start talking about individual easy-to-farm Attacker characters! Darth Vader is an easy first pick to build your roster around as he can dish out an insane amount of damage with his barrage of turns through Merciless Massacre, debuff-filled AoE Force Crush attack, and powerful Culling Blade that can insta-wipe most characters. With this much value, Darth Vader is a pillar on both Empire and Sith squads. He provides versatility to plug -and-play with most Dark Side squads. Darth Vader also pilots a pretty mean ship.

General Grievous

General Grievous is a leech of an Attacker. If built with a massive health pool and surrounded by droids, General Grievous can inflict some serious sustained damage. His main strength is that he can survive by sapping the health of the surrounding droids in the squad. Players don’t even need to gear up droid allies, since they’re used as sacrifices to give General Grievous a bonus turn while dispelling all debuffs on him, and resetting all of his ability cooldowns. If you’re fighting him, make sure you can take the punishment. The worst is when he takes constant bonus turns from fallen droids, and he spams his AoE attack for an insane amount of damage. General Grievous also commands a nasty Capital Ship if you’re closer to being an end-game player.

Jedi Knight Anakin

Three different eras of Anakin Skywalker have already been mentioned in the article, and here’s the fourth: Jedi Knight Anakin. He’s arguably the best pilot in the galaxy, and packs a serious punch standing alongside his boo, Padme Amidala. Jedi Knight Anakin is one of, if not the best, non-Journey Guide Attacker for the Galactic Republic.

Driven by revenge, his Unique ability, Righteous Fury, gives him a bonus turn every time an ally falls below 50% Health or is defeated. He deals 100% damage if all his allies are Galactic Republic. On top of that, if he’s buffed with stacks of courage from a Padme Amidala lead, he can wipe entire squads with his beefy AoE, Overpowering Assault. Jedi Knight Anakin is an intimidating attacker since he deals an insane amount of damage in one fell swoop. His kit isn’t fun or inspiring as a whole, but he definitely gets the job done.

New SWGOH players should use this list of Attackers as a guide to building their rosters. SWGOH has few plug-and-play characters, but all of the characters listed above have some versatility or can dominate on their own.

Be sure to stay tuned for more SWGOH content!

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