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You’ve been grinding away through the Black Forest and venturing in the Burial Chambers to find valuable Valheim loot. It’s been weeks since you’ve taken on Eikthyr, and your thirst for Forsaken powers grows stronger. The Elder is your next stop as the second boss in Valheim . We’ve come up with some tips on how to kill the Elder in Valheim and keep your life.


Fire is this boss’ first vulnerability. The Elder will be the tinder to your soon to be really large fire. Light the Elder up any in every way you can think of. Fire arrows are the traditional method, but you can get creative with campfires. We’re burning trees with this Valheim boss battle.

Take cover

Very few places are safe from The Elder. The close quarters stomp is a powerful AoE attack guaranteed to do a fair amount of damage. The spawning roots make sure you’re not standing still. Finally, the Elder’s vine attack creates a barbed prison for players.

However, there is some safety to be found, as the pillars act as fantastic cover that can split the Elder’s vine attack. Try to set your offensive position around those pillars so that you aren’t one-shotted with its ranged vine attack. Terraforming the surroundings with your trusty hoe do wonders as well.

Create a camp nearby

If this is your first time taking on the Elder in Valheim, you’re probably going to die. That’s OK though, as long as you have set up a spawn point near the Elder’s altar. Aside from the skill decay, there’s nothing wrong with dying a few times just to kill the Elder. Its health won’t regenerate, and it won’t chase you to your bed.

Gear up – Bronze Edition

It may be harsh to hear this, but you should definitely go into this boss fight kitted in bronze, at the very least. It’ll give you a fighting chance without the fear of getting one-shotted by the Elder. Do yourself a favor and take the time to forge some quality gear; this Valheim boss fight isn’t going anywhere.

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