4 Phasmophobia tips to guide you through Asylum

A true American horror story

Asylum is a massive Phasmophobia map that leaves players lost, afraid, and confused. Its unsettling environment and endless rooms in a maze of hallways can deter a casual player from giving Asylum a try. I’m here to tell you that it’s going to be ok. Let’s check out some tips to making your next Phasmophobia trip in Asylum a successful one.

Take a breath. It’s not that bad

Asylum is massive and daunting, but in reality, it’s not that bad. Large maps are actually safer than smaller maps. There are more places to hide and the hallways keep the Ghost in sight during a hunt, so it’s a lot harder to get cornered.

The only time those safe conditions should scare you is when the Ghost is a Revenant. It’ll look like a blinking Usain Bolt ready to snap your neck.

Tried solo pro asylum for the first time. Was greeted by the receptionist a few seconds after entering from PhasmophobiaGame

Ditch the Thermometer

Treat ghost hunting as an art form. There are plenty of different methods or styles to achieve the same result. My personal take on every map is to take a Thermometer to find the Ghost Room. In big maps in Phasmophobia like Asylum, you don’t need the Thermometer to find the Ghost Room. The Ghost can’t sit still, so it will open the door to the Ghost Room, showing you exactly where it’s hiding.

Your best bet is to wander Asylum in sections of the map both upstairs and down. Keep an eye out for slightly opened doors that you or your teammates didn’t go through – it’s the biggest clue to locating the Ghost. Once you find that slightly opened door, set up your ghost hunting equipment and go back to the van. As soon as you get back, that’s when you should grab your Thermometer to nail down exactly where the Ghost is hiding. It usually wanders between different rooms in the same area.

Leave a trail of breadcrumbs

If you get lost in Asylum, do yourself a favor and leave breadcrumbs to find your way back. If you’re working in a team, you should also leave some breadcrumbs as soon as you find the Ghost Room.

The best item to drop when partnered up with someone is a flashlight. Drop the flashlight in the hallway pointing at the door of the Ghost Room. It’s a highly visible marker that can easily be identified. Just make sure you have someone to walk you back to the van so you can grab a fresh flashlight.

If you’re set on dropping items but can’t part with your equipment, try chucking some random items found around Asylum to throw on the floor. The items can be useful past stealing them and hoarding it in the van.

phasmophobia asylum guide
Leave little breadcrumbs like Hansel and Gretel.

Van person isn’t the worst person

The van watch is usually reserved for the frightened person on the team, and it’s often frowned upon as a waste of time. In the case of Asylum, it’s still a bit of a waste of time, but isn’t a complete waste of space. Use the van as a place to congregate, strategize, and regroup. 

If you set up your equipment and make it back to the van, support your teammates. Some teammates might get lost, ghost activity might spike, or you can monitor Sanity while hiding out in the van. This isn’t advocating a permanent position in the van, of course, but you should consider the role’s usefulness.

You can also get creative in the van by using video cameras to find evidence past Ghost Orbs, permitting you and your teammates set up the gear properly. The UV Light can be passively used to spot Fingerprints if you have a keen eye, and Ghost Writing can appear if you set the book up so it’s standing.

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