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4 tips and tricks for playing Buzz in Brawl Stars

Buzz is the newest brawler in Brawl Stars, added with the recent Jurassic Splash update. He excels in close range, where he can easily slap around his enemies. His Torpedo Throw allows him to close the gap and stun enemy brawlers. Here are four tips for playing Buzz in Brawl Stars.

Passive detection

Buzz’s trait allows him to passively charge his Super while enemies are nearby. As long as you have at least one enemy nearby, it will take roughly 15 seconds to fully charge. More enemies equals a faster charge time.

This trait can also be used to scout out nearby enemies in bushes. Even if an enemy is invisible or in the bushes, Buzz’s super will still charge. However, Buzz is still outclassed by Tara and Bo when it comes to scouting in Brawl Stars, due to his limited range.


His basic attack strafes in an arc, similar to Bo. To maximize the damage from this attack, you either need to be point blank, or move clockwise around your enemy. Being too close can be risky against brawlers like Bull, Shelly, and Darryl.

In and out

Torpedo Throw is a great gap closer but can also be used as a speedy escape. It can latch onto nearby walls and obstacles, allowing you to escape. When combined with the gadget Reserve Bouy, you can Super into a fight and use your gadget to Super out.

More is more

Look for enemies who are grouped up to get the most out of your stun. Torpedo Throw can stun multiple enemies, and Buzz Off can tag multiple enemies. This combo makes Buzz a strong pick in modes like Hot Zone

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