5 advanced Hitman 3 tips for master assassins

You’ve already steam-cleaned your suit and have considered getting a barcode tattoo. Now you may be asking what else you can do to improve? Here is our list of advanced tips to help sharpen your skills in Hitman 3.

We’ll cover complex moment-to-moment gameplay tips, as well as walk you through ways to complete challenges more efficiently.

Use Instinct Vision often

Instinct Vision is one of Agent 47’s best resources. When activated, it will highlight any item you can pick up or interact with. There are many instances where a keycard or key is hidden on a table. Items that are small can be glossed over and missed. Instinct Vision can help point out those hard-to-see items, which can commonly work towards challenges.

Enforcers are NPCs who can see right through your disguise and will alert other guards. When using Instinct Vision, you’ll be able to keep tabs on them as they are identified by a white circle over their heads. You can also use it while hiding behind a wall and wait for guards to walk away before making your move.

Try to go for accidental kills

If you’re hoping to run through each level in Hitman 3 as an unseen ghost, go for accidental kills. These kills will ensure raised suspicions aren’t directed to you. Some Mission Stories will guide you towards an accidental kill. However, these aren’t always a guarantee.

If you’re doing a freeform run without any guidance, always look for the opportunity to take your target out by “accidental” means. This can be as simple as waiting for them to lean over a banister and shoving them off. A personal favorite of mine is hanging out by a chandelier winch. Once the target moves underneath, use a wrench to sabotage the restraining rope and watch as the light fixture crashes down, obliterating your target.

Work your way to best disguise on each map

Every Hitman 3 map has a laundry list of disguises to use as Agent 47. However, most do not give you access to roam around the map freely. A bartender disguise, for instance, can get you into the general staff areas but not much else. You want to work your way through disguises almost like going up a ladder.

In Hitman 3’s Dubai map, the penthouse guard outfit is the best you can get. It will let you freely walk staff quarters as well as the more exclusive penthouse area without raising suspicion (aside from Enforcers). The same can be said for the biker gang disguise on the Berlin map.

Pick up every item

Agent 47 seems to have unlimited pocket space. So, use that to your advantage. There are items littered all around each map. Some can be utilized as distraction tools like a coconut. Others like the screwdriver or wrench are essential for setting up accidental kills.

You never want to find yourself in a position where you don’t have the tool you need and must backtrack. There’s no harm in grabbing everything you come across. You might as well fill those pockets like there’s no tomorrow. Kudos to IO Interactive for never budging on putting a cap on the number of items you can carry.

Save often and stack challenges

Saving often may seem like an obvious tip in our Hitman 3 guide but it plays a part in a much larger strategy. There are an incredible amount of challenges to complete in order to progress and unlock new gear. For the sake of saving your time and energy, save at opportune moments. This way, you can complete a challenge, reload and complete another.

For instance, most map challenges require you to kill a target with a headshot, and another using the Fibre Wire to strangle them. Save just before you pull out your pistol for the shot, complete the challenge and load back in for the next.

This strategy can also be used when exiting the map. Depending on which map you’re playing, there are challenges for using different escape methods. Save before you make your getaway. Then, you can load your save and take a different exit without having to replay the entire level again.

Is it a bit of a cheese? Absolutely. But your time is precious and even with this strategy, you can still log a lot of hours playing Hitman 3.

We hope these more advanced tips help guide you along your way through Hitman 3. We’ll have more guides and features  so stay tuned!

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