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5 basic tips for Apex Legends Arenas

Unlike battle royale, Apex Legends Arenas is a slower paced 3v3 game mode, and you will need to change your playstyle. Here are our starter tips for winning more in Apex Legends Arenas.

Team compositions matter

With Arenas playing differently from the battle royale game mode, certain Legends are stronger than others. That said, picking a third movement character like Wraith when you have a Pathfinder and Octane could put you at a disadvantage. Experiment to find out who works for you and your team.

Don’t buy every round

With a limited economy, it won’t be realistic to buy a maxed loadout every round. This is especially true when you are behind. Since the P2020 and Mozambique are free, you can always run a pistol round and save up. Make sure to communicate when you are saving points.

Communication is key

This is one of the most important tips I can give you for Apex Legends Arenas: communication is incredibly important. Consistent comms will help your team win more and improve not just round over round, but also in the long run. While voice chat is best, just being active with pings is enough if you are mic shy.

Unleash your inner loot goblin

Hog care packages when they drop, as they will have upgraded weapons that can give you the upper hand. Make sure to collect material canisters and medical supplies as well. Just like in the first minute of battle royale, it pays off to split up your team at the start of an Arenas match and loot up what you can.

Be a team player

Cooperation is important to winning Apex Legends Arenas. Try to stay grouped up with your team and communicate what you plan on doing. Don’t rush in unless you know your team has the advantage – for example, after you’ve knocked an enemy or split them from their squad. If you are in voice chat, make sure to let your teammates know when you buy your ultimate, since they would want to capitalize on it.

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