5 best Pokemon for Purity Forest | Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX Guide

Purity Forest  one of the hardest dungeons in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX. Purity Forest is a special 99 floor dungeon that does not allow players to bring in items, money, or other team members – so you must face this dungeon with only one Pokemon to start with.

Additionally the Pokemon you choose is reset to level 5, and their moves and stats are reset to what they would be at that level. You cannot bring in your super-powered Pokemon to breeze through the dungeon.

Finding the right Pokemon to take on this dungeon is quite challenging. To help you out, here are the top 5 Pokemon I recommend for Purity Forest in Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX.

5. Mew

One of the Pokemon a lot of players try out first is Mew. This is because Mew can learn any TM in the game. This gives Mew a huge advantage, as you can find many helpful TMs throughout the dungeon. Mew also has low xp requirements and levels quickly. This, paired with its rare quality XP Boost, makes leveling up easy.

At level 5 Mew has access to the move Transform, allowing it to transform into an enemy and use their moves. Be careful though, because once Mew transforms it will stay in that form until the next floor.

Using Transform on the right Pokemon can give you a big advantage, allowing you to avoid deadly status effects such as Poison, Paralysis, and Sleep.

To learn how to recruit Mew, check out my detailed guide.


Mew does have some drawbacks to keep in mind, and this is why it is in number 5. Mew has average stats, making it difficult to defeat some enemies if you rush floors. Due to this, you must level Mew as much as possible in the early floors, or else floors 60+ will be incredibly difficult.

Even when you do get good levels and stat boosting items, you must be wary of hidden traps and enemies ganging up on you. So you should always be on your guard when traveling through the dungeon, or you will find yourself in a sticky situation.

4. Lucario

Lucario is a strong choice for Purity Forest because of its typing and power. Lucario is a Fighting Steel type – this makes it immune to the deadly Poison status effect that is an ever present threat in the dungeon. This, paired with its naturally high special and physical attacks, allow it to easily defeat many opponents.

Along with good typing and stats, Lucario has a strong movepool. Lucario’s strongest moves to start with are Metal Claw, Aura Sphere, Detect, and Quick Attack. Metal Claw is a strong physical type melee move. Aura Sphere is a strong special move that can hit enemies up to 4 tiles away, and never misses. Quick Attack is a physical move that does a good amount of damage to enemies up to 2 tiles away, but you will want to replace this move for something stronger later in the dungeon.

Finally, Detect this can protect Lucario from all damage for a short time. With these moves, Lucario can easily get into the higher floors of the dungeon.


If you do not start with the moveset you want, do not worry. Just reset the dungeon by going to your settings and select Give Up. When it asks if you want to give up say Yes, and then the game will ask if you want to restart the dungeon. Hit Yes again and you will restart Purity Forest with different moves.

This is not all Lucario has up its sleeve, because it also has great moves to choose from as it levels up. At level 15 you can get Power Up Punch, which will boost Lucario’s attack stat when used. Just remember, that all stats reset when you go up a floor.

At level 19 Lucario can learn Swords Dance, and trust me: this is a move you need. Swords Dance increases Lucario’s Attack by two stages, and has a lot of PP. Using Swords Dance twice at the start of every floor can allow Lucario to easily one-shot any enemy with Metal Claw. Just be careful about using it if you start running low on Max Elixirs or Max Ethers.

At level 29 Lucario gets access to another strong physical move called Bone Rush, which is a multi-hit move.


Lucario can be made stronger if you happen to find an Empowerment Seed, as this will allow it to mega-evolve. As for rare qualities, I suggest Steamroll, since this will make all of Lucario’s moves hit enemies for neutral damage. For example, Steamroll will also allow Lucario to hit flying type Pokemon with Bone Rush, which is a ground type move.

The only downside to Lucario is that it takes longer to level. For that reason I suggest trying to defeat as many Pokemon as possible in the early floors. Then save all your Joy Seeds for when Lucario is above level 10-15.

3. Charizard

Charizard is another great choice because of its strong base stats, move pool, and access to mega evolution. The main reason I put Charizard above Lucario is because of Heat Wave, which is one of Charizard’s starting moves. Heat Wave is one of the strongest Pokemon moves in Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX because it hits all enemies in a room, allowing you to take down Monster Houses or large groups of enemies easier.

Charizard does have a large moveset at level 5, so it may take you a few resets to see Heat Wave in your pool. As for your other moves, I suggest Dragon Claw, Air Slash, Shadow Claw, or Flare Blitz. Unlike Lucario, Charizard does not learn many moves as it levels up, so the moves you start with will be the ones you have for most of the dungeon. The next useful move Charizard learns is Flamethrower at level 47.


You will have to be careful throughout the dungeon, as Charizard is not immune to any status effects except for Burn. The one you need to keep an eye on is the Poison status effect. Try to always take out enemies at a range, because there are enemies that have the Poison Point ability. This ability inflicts the Poison status effect on attackers that deal physical damage.

Charizard also has the ability to fly over water or holes in the floor, giving it access to alternate routes, and the opportunity to access items that are on isolated islands. If you happen to get an Empowerment Seed, make sure to eat it so Charizard will mega-evolve.

As for rare qualities, I suggest Steamroll. This pairs extremely well with Heat Wave, allowing you to always hit enemies hard. Charizard’s one downside is that it levels slowly, much like Lucario.

2. Heracross

Heracross is one of the hidden warriors in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX. Despite its Bug typing, it is one of the strongest Pokemon in the entire game. This is because it can learn four multi-hit moves, which are the best moves in the game thanks to the Rare Quality Rapid Bull’s Eye. Plus, Heracross has a high base attack stat and can mega-evolve.

Heracross does not start with all four multi-hit moves though. Your ideal starting moveset will be Bullet Seed and Arm Thrust. The other two moves do not matter as much, but I suggest you make sure they are attacking moves. If you do not get Bullet Seed and Arm Thrust, then reset the dungeon until you do, because using Heracross relies on multi-hit moves.


When Heracross reaches level 25 it learns Fury Attack, and at level 31 it learns Pin Missile, finishing its multi-hit moveset. If you happen to find a TM for Swords Dance, I suggest you learn it and sacrifice Arm Thrust or Fury Attack. As I mentioned before, Swords Dance can make you quite powerful.

Heracross has access to two abilities, Swarm or Guts. Both are good options, but I suggest Guts. Swarm will increase the power of Bug type moves when Heracross’ HP is low. To make use of this ability you should only use Pin Missile at low HP.

As for Guts, this increases the power of physical moves when Heracross has a status condition. Since all the moves Heracross learns are physical, this will boost all of your attacks. This makes it better than Swarm because it boosts all your moves and not just one.

Another reason I recommend Guts is because it gives you a positive payoff for getting Poisoned or Burned. You still must be careful, as these status effects can quickly knockout Heracross due to the massive damage they inflict over time.


1. Ariados

Ariados does not look like a powerful Pokemon at first glance, but it is my number 1 choice for Purity Forest in Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX. There are several factors that make Ariados so strong: it has great typing, an amazing ability, high base attack, and a strong movepool.

Ariados is a Poison Bug type, giving it an immunity to the deadly Poison status effect. Ariados also has access to the Insomnia ability. It makes it immune to falling asleep, which is another common status effect. Getting put to sleep at the wrong time can be deadly, as enemies can get free hits on you. This immunity to these two status effects is incredibly useful.

Now for the moveset. Ariados has access to Swords Dance from the start of the dungeon, and I already mentioned how powerful this move is, so you know having it at the beginning allows you to breeze through enemies.


What truly makes Ariados a powerhouse is access to the move Fell Stinger. Fell Stinger is a strong bug type ability that will increase Ariados’ attack by three stages if it knocks out an enemy, allowing you to use Swords Dance once, and then Fell Stinger to boost your attack to max easily.

As for your other two moves, I suggest Bug Bite and Poison Sting, although you can go for others if the resets are taking too long. You 100% need Fell Stinger and Swords Dance to take on Purity Forest, so make sure to have those two moves.

Ariados gets access to some other decent moves as it levels, but remember to never replace Swords Dance or Fell Stinger. At level 19 Ariados gets Shadow Sneak which gives it a ranged attack. You will also want to grab Fury Swipes when Ariados turns level 23, and possibly Pin Missile at level 41.

For your Rare Quality I recommend Steamroll. A lot of Pokemon in Purity Forest are resistant to bug type moves, but if you have Steamroll this resistance does not matter.

Those are my top 5 Pokemon for taking on Purity Forest in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX. Using them you can beat Purity Forest with a bit of hard work and a careful approach. Remember that even the strongest Pokemon can be brought down by traps, monster houses, and status effects.

I hope this guide has helped you out, and stay tuned for more guides!

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