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5 essential Hunt: Showdown tips for new players

Hunt: Showdown is a little more complex than your typical first shooter, with its wide array of monsters, bosses, weapons, traits, mechanics and interactions. While SQUAD’s Hunt: Showdown tips won’t guarantee a safe extraction in your first game, it will definitely keep you alive for a lot longer than you would otherwise.

The free hunters are for you to take

At the end of every game, win or lose, Hunt: Showdown gives players a free reshuffle for hire-able hunters. Every reshuffle has a free hunter for you to take. Take them! Make sure to unlock all the hunter slots in your roster and take your free hunter every single game.

You might not actually end up using the free hunters in your roster, especially if you have the bank to continue unlocking higher tier hunters, but the free weapons and items you get are great to have on hand. Plus, since the tier 0 hunters are essentially burners, they offer a great, low risk way to test out different items and trait builds.

Use your contraband items

There’s no reason to hoard contraband items throughout your roster of hunters. You’re only allowed a limit of two contraband items of a single type anyways, so use them as you get them. It’s not like you can sell Hunt: Showdown’s contraband items either, so lets go over this again: use your contraband items.

Stick to a regular loadout

Finding your perfect loadout comes from experimenting through what weapons and playstyles suits you. Back to the previous point, the free hunters are the best way to get your feet wet with different loadouts. With that said, figure out which weapons and items you’re getting close to mastering, and try to stick with that.

If you end up cycling through different weapons and items too often, you might get confused with their little intricacies. For example, if you’re playing regularly with M1891s, and then suddenly switch to single-shot weapons like the Sparks or Springfields, you might forget to reload in the worst possible time and get yourself killed.

Hunt: Showdown basic loadout tips

Vitality shots are applied much faster than First Aid Kits. Use these for a quick pick-me-up in a sweaty situation. First aid kits are solid for later-game builds for when you get access to the Physician, Doctor, and Frontiersman traits.

Always bring an antidote shot and use it immediately at the start of the game. Antidote shots last an entire match and render your hunter immune to poison from start to finish. The immunity will nerf a good chunk of monsters, as well as the Spider boss.

The basic knife is the most cost-effective PvE tool. However, if you want that melee edge without having to swap through weapons, get a melee-fitted fun like the Romero Hatchet.

Ignore the monsters

The monsters are generally speed bumps to deal with on your way to finding clues and bosses. It’s not that you should ignore every single monster you stumble upon, but you shouldn’t waste too much time taking out every Infected Grunt or Hellhound you find in the bush. They give a decent amount of experience points, but dealing with them slows you down and leaves you exposed for other hunters to catch up to and eliminate you from the game.

Stick around with SQUAD for more Hunt: Showdown guides and content!

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