5 important things Tunic doesn’t tell you about

Here are some Tunic tips to help ease your adventure!

Tunic is already shaping up to be one of 2022’s surprises. Like Elden Ring, Tunic is unrelenting in its difficulty and barely tells the player what to do. What makes Tunic challenging is that all the written dialogue is in a fictional language. There’s a lot to decipher and discover on your own, and that might feel off-putting to some. After playing through Tunic last weekend, I found that there were plenty of aspects I wish the game had told me from the start. Luckily, I went through it so you don’t have to! The Tunic tips contained in this guide should make your experience more manageable.

Make offerings at shrines

The boss battles in Tunic are often infuriating. The overall objective is clear but actually defeating your foe is not made any easier by their straightforwardness. Before most boss battles, your hero can rest at a shrine to replenish their abilities and health potions. In addition to this, shrines are used as checkpoints and as an upgrade spot. Throughout your journey, chests may contain six types of items that are displayed on the bottom right of your inventory. By opening your inventory and selecting any of those items, you can spend gold to upgrade your hero. The six available upgrades are Health, Stamina, Magic, Potion Potency, Attack Power, and Defense.

Collect instruction manual pages

Remember the good old days when video games came with instruction manuals? Well, Tunic embraces that with love. Scattered throughout the various areas are broken pages that start to form the game’s manual as you collect them. None of the pages are in order, so every collected page is a mystery at first.

What’s great is that everything you need to know about Tunic is buried somewhere within the pages. The problem is the fictional language I mentioned earlier. Even with pages in hand, some of Tunic’s mechanics are tough to figure out. What is fantastic about the pages is that the maps for every dungeon and every area can be discovered. Opening the manual while you’re in a specific dungeon will show where on the map you are and plenty of secret areas. Out of all the Tunic tips, manual pages contain the most important ones.

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The Scavenger’s Mask is your friend

Don’t be like me. I went to the quarry and was destroyed almost immediately. That area is full of Corrupted Essence that decreases your maximum HP in a very short timeframe. I would go to the quarry multiple times and attempt to defeat the ruthless enemies to no avail. After looking through my inventory, I equipped each item I had without knowing what they actually did. After trial and error, the Scavenger’s Mask’s turn was up. I walked into the quarry, and suddenly, my HP wasn’t being erased. While there are enemies that will take chunks of your maximum HP if you get hit, the Scavenger’s Mask helps the player traverse without the fear of every step potentially being their last.

Sprinting doesn’t drain your Stamina

Tunic is the type of game where each maneuver can be the difference between life and death. Pressing the A button and moving in a direction allows your hero to dodge an enemy attack. If you do this, part of your stamina meter begins to deplete. The game fails to mention that sprinting doesn’t drain your overall stamina. After the initial stamina usage with the A button, continue to hold it down while moving, and you’ll start running. Whether you use it for traversing throughout the game world or running from powerful enemies, sprinting can actually be more beneficial to use than the traditional dodge roll.

Locking on is helpful outside of combat, too

The left trigger allows players to lock on to enemies and other points of interest that you can grapple towards later on in your adventure. But the same button has another fantastic function. Even if there isn’t an enemy around, pull down the trigger, and the camera’s perspective will shift to an overhead view. The new isometric style camera angles help in more ways than you think. I often found myself lost around Tunic’s larger domains, or wondered how to get to certain chests scattered throughout the world. Switching to this view helped me find secret areas, hidden chests, and even told me where I was when my character was out of focus. The lock-on mechanic doubles as a perspective change that can be a lifesaver in ways I didn’t expect.

These are some of the Tunic things that the game doesn’t tell you – I hope the tips help! While you can explore and find things on your own, having some guidance makes the overall experience a little less stressful. If you have any more questions or need more tips, please leave a comment below.

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