5 new player tips for surviving GTFO

GTFO is a co-op game in which teamwork and communication are essential in order to win. Each Rundown will task players with performing a series of tasks given by a mysterious overseer, all the while trying to sneak through some nasty enemies who want to kill anything with a heartbeat. GTFO’s main draw is that it is hard and unforgiving, and in order to survive you will have to follow some strict principles.

Set goals and roles

The first tip is to assess the situation and tasks and then assign roles. Whether playing with friends or random players online, one player should be given a Bio Tracker, as it allows them to keep track of dormant and live enemies, letting their team move across that room without undue accidents.

Another important role is the designated IT guy. One player should focus on using the terminals found throughout the map. Why? Well, the terminals hold valuable information, like the location of each zone, the items found there, and so on.


This one is a given. GTFO is all about stealth, so it should be the first skill you master in the game. During a Rundown you will encounter Sleepers: inert enemies standing in one place doing nothing. They will become aggressive if you make a lot of noise, point your flashlight at them, or even if you simply move around too much. If the Sleeper goes aggro, you have a short window of time to kill it before other Sleepers come running into the room.

So be silent and when you spot an enemy, get close to it silently, and finish it off with a charged melee attack to the dome.

Use your medpacks wisely

Medical Packs are not easy to come by, so make sure you don’t waste HP by doing stupid things, like jumping down rather than using the ladders. That may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how some people play.

Choose the right Boosters

Boosters are incredibly useful, but some come with negative effects that are less than ideal. So in order to choose the best ones for you, scout ahead and learn which Boosters will help you complete new Rundowns more easily.

Identify enemies before engaging them

Sleepers are not all alike, even if they mostly look the same. In total there are 18 types of Sleepers and knowing the difference between each one of them – and their weaknesses – is very important.

And that is it! I hope these basic tips for surviving GTFO help you and your friends get out of the Rundown alive!

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