5 quick Pokémon Unite tips for beginners

The recent release of Pokémon Unite has taken the world by storm. It’s popularity has attracted Pokémon fans from all over, many of whom have never played a 5v5 MOBA. Whether this is your first MOBA or not, here are five very basic tips for beginners in Pokémon Unite that should help you on your way.

Play the tutorials

This should go without saying in any game, but the beginning tutorials are useful for learning the mechanics of the game – including those that are not found in traditional MOBAs. From simple lane play and scoring to learning what jungle buffs do, the tips provided in the Pokémon Unite tutorials are great for both casual and competitive players. There are six tutorials in total, which also provide awards upon completion.

Level up your held items

This was something I wish I had learned earlier on in my play. Your held items can be leveled up, which increases their base stats and their ability stats. This will make your Pokémon stronger, and provide a slight advantage against someone who hasn’t leveled their items. Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like.

Learn the Pokémon

Pick two or three Pokémon to main when you first start playing, so that way you can practice with them. Each Pokémon has a total of six moves, plus a Unite Move and a passive. Learning synergies between abilities can create strong combos that will elevate your gameplay. Even if you don’t like a certain move or Pokémon, knowing what they do will allow you to play against them better.

Adjust controls

While Pokémon Unite is on the Nintendo Switch, it will also be coming to mobile later this year. It has fairly simple controls, but editing your controls will make things easier and more intuitive. Some adjustments will help with prioritizing targets, while others will inform you when you have an enhanced basic attack.

The controls I suggest activating are:

  • Opponent Lock-On Priority – Lowest Remaining HP (Value).
  • Attack Controls, Advanced – A attacks nearby Pokémon, B attacks nearby wild Pokémon.
  • Boosted Attack Gauge.

Take advantage of the login rewards

Similarly to other mobile games, Pokémon Unite has daily login rewards. With them, you can get free tokens, tickets, and even Pokémon. Some of the login reward Pokémon include Alolan Ninetails, Cinderace, and Greninja.

In a similar light, completing your daily missions will help you earn Aeos Tokens and Aeos Tickets. These can be used to purchase Pokémon and items from the in-game shop.

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