5 Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes characters you should Relic first

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has over 160 characters to gear and level up, but it’s not always clear on which ones you should gear and Relic first. When players reach the end game, Relics are steroid injections for your characters stats. Some Relic characters become so powerful that they can solo entire squads. With all the different factions, arena metas, and game modes, some characters are more valuable than others. We look at some Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes characters you should Relic first to get the most bang for your buck.

Before you start judging the lack of Darth Malak, General Grievous, and Rose Tico., keep in mind that we are targeting some characters newer players can gear up for, since there are other obvious Relic priorities for later game players.

CT-5555 “Fives”

Clone troopers weren’t always a good faction. Their rise to prominence only started after some key reworks and the additions of Shaak Ti and General Anakin Skywalker. Fives is an essential SWGOH Relic because of his zeta ability, Tactical Awareness, and the extra juice his ship will get for fleet battles.

fives swgoh relic

Once Tactical Awareness triggers from a 501st Clone taking deathblow damage, he sacrifices himself and transfers his max health, protection, speed, and offense stats to the rest of the 501st. Relics greatly enhance his health, protection, and offense, so putting as many tiers of relics goes such a long way, even if the rest of the clones don’t have any.

As far as fleet stats, don’t be surprised to climb ranks at an absurd rate once you relic Fives. His ship continues to sacrifice defense for offense, so he hits like a truck towards the end of the fleet battle.

Fives is also a really quick and easy character to get shards and gear for, so he’s definitely a great Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Relic character once you grab the other pieces of a 501st team.

Darth Vader

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes reworked Darth Vader into a top-tier character with his new ability, Merciless Massacre. If Vader is quick and strong enough, he can get the jump on an entire squad and wipe everyone in a single turn. After bringing Darth Vader to Relic 7, he can take out half of a Top-50 Arena rank Darth Revan squad, solo a Geonosis team with trash Empire characters to buff his speed, and take on any other non-Galactic Legends teams.

darth vader relic swgoh

Vader has value in Territory Wars and Battles, Arena, Fleet, and Grand Arena Championship. Don’t overlook the Relic value he adds to his ship, making him a solid contributor to a 2nd or 3rd arena squad.

Relic Vader really shows why he was the most feared person in the galaxy. If it’s any bonus, he’s a Relic requirement for Galactic Legend Sith Eternal Emperor.


Bossk is a powerhouse for every Bounty Hunter team. His tank abilities keep everyone alive, and have the ability to call for a mass assist on a single character. While the Bounty Hunter faction doesn’t provide much game mode value past unlocking Chewbacca, they can serve as a solid defensive team for Territory Wars and Battles, and Grand Arena Championship.

bossk star wars galaxy of heroes relic characters

Relic Bossk adds to his already massive health and protection pool, and will continue to generate value when his taunt ability is used. If not tackled with a solid team, he can easily time anybody out if they can’t get past his taunt.

His ship, Hounds Tooth, also gets a huge health and protection boost as well. The Relic investment might be worth it alone for adding to his ship considering it’s the best tank ship in the game. If you’re in a newer ship shard, you could easily lock up daily crystals if you can climb high enough in the ranked ladder.

Bossk is definitely a great Relic character for newer players, if you can get the shards quick enough.

Emperor Palpatine

Bow to the Empire! A fully kitted Emperor Palpatine is a key cog for any working Empire team. While he isn’t Emperor of the meta like he was a couple years ago, the Galactic Legends requirements has Palpatine needed for both GL Palpatine and GL Kylo Ren. Once you Relic Emperor Palpatine, you kill two birds with one stone in an instant.

That, and he’s actually pretty useful and nothing to scoff at. His kit has a mass stun, Shock, a health refill, and a great leadership ability to continue feeding Turn Meter to the rest of his team. Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the dark side!

emperor palpatine swgoh relic GL

Geonosian Brood Alpha

I’ll admit this is a tough farm. While the other Geonosian characters are easy to farm, this one is an investment in both time and resources. If you decide to make a run for Relic GBA, its Relic boosts survivability to the entire team since their health and protection pools are all shared in a sense.

If you can give your GBA and Brute a high enough health and protection pool through a Relic, it should keep the rest of your Geonosians protected and able to dish out constant barrages of damage.

geonosian brood alpha star wars galaxy of heroes relic

Geonosian Brood Alpha is a solid investment for Territory Wars and Battles, essential for the Wat Tambor special mission in Geonosian Territory Battles, and a great attacking team for Grand Arena Championship.

There’s little-to-no buyer’s remorse with this Relic investment. Just try not to feel bad if you put this team on defense and it gets blown up by Jawas or a Darth Traya and Sion counter.

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