5 tips to get better at putting in PGA Tour 2K21

There isn’t an exact science for PGA Tour 2K21 putting. Just like in real life, putting is a game of feel and reading the green. While this guide won’t give you a Jack Nicklaus golf-god tier ability to sink consistent +40-foot putts, we can help you to the 1-2 putt range when you hit the MyPlayer PGA Tour or online lobbies.

Read the green

Once your player reaches the green, a grid will appear as on overlayer when you attempt your putt. The grid will have little beads of light moving in a particular direction and speed. These lights represent the velocity and directional change your putt will take. The faster the light, the faster or steeper your ball will roll. If the lights aren’t moving, your ball is placed on a flat plain.

Analyze the grid points one box at a time, and determine how you would putt for each segment. The general rule of thumb is to push against resistance, meaning that if you putt against a steep hill, gravity will pull you back down. If you notice the hole is around a steep area, try to foresee what path your ball would take, and putt against that resistance.

Make sure your putting stroke is close to perfectly straight, and remember that you can take your time with the backswing. I repeat, just take your time.

Putt preview

PGA Tour 2K21 putting is a lot more forgiving than the real thing. Once you line up what you think your shot should be, holding the putt preview button will verify the path your ball would take if you had a perfect putting stroke. From here you can determine what adjustments you need to make to sink the putt, or to close the distance by a significant amount.

If you notice that your putt is not close to the hole in the slightest, make a drastic adjustment to approximate where the ball should roughly land. Remember, anything higher than a three putt is a big no-no. Try to mitigate the damage by setting yourself up for success. You’re not always going to drain a +40-foot putt.

The Putt preview button is X on PlayStation 4, and A on Xbox One. Note that you only get one putt preview. Make it count!

Stick to the distance recommendations if you’re new

PGA Tour 2K21 wants you to succeed. Every suggestion the game makes is the closest thing to success as far as distance is concerned. So don’t mess with the distance recommendations, unless you really know what you’re doing and already have a trained feel for PGA Tour 2K21 putting.

As far as choosing the direction of the putt, that’s where players need to take some accountability and ownership for their shot. The game will always position the marker to be the most direct point to the hole. If you’re on a flat plain on the green’s grid, try your putt preview there. But remember, do not mess with the distance meter if you’re new.

Practice swings

If you need to, the option for practice swings is available. If you want to get your backswing timing down right, you can simply pull back the analog stick and let go. Don’t push forward, otherwise it’ll attempt a full stroke. For those who are serious sticklers about a full practice swing, click the left analog stick to toggle practice mode, so you can get all aspects of your putting stroke down.

Stay calm and don’t stress

Take your time to analyze your shot with each of these steps when it comes time for your short game. Don’t get angry if you miss your putt, and it rolls along outside the edge of the hole. Don’t stress out if you mess up your stroke and come up short. The best you can do is to stay calm and don’t stress.

You won’t always be on you’re A-game, but you can’t let yourself get in a hole, turning an easy one or two-putt into a four or five-putt. Remember, you get one putt preview for each stroke. Let that do the definitive thinking for you.

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