6 tips and tricks for beating Eikthyr in Valheim

The moment they land in Valheim, players are tasked right away with killing the mythic stag, Eikthyr. A boss battle is always a daunting task, and Eikthyr is far from a walk in the park for any new player. We show you some tips and tricks to help you beat Eikthyr in Valheim.

Build up your skills

Despite being immediately tasked with killing Eikthyr, there is no deadline for doing it. Take your time and build up your skills. Players’ gain skill progression for doing anything and everything in Valheim. Run and jump around, build your base, craft some equipment, and start culling the local Greydwarf, Neck, Deer, and Boar population.

Once you feel comfortable with your character’s skill progression and equipment, maybe it’s time to take on the boss.

Choose your weapon

Eikthyr can crush you if you’re not prepared. Make sure you have an adequate weapon that can dish out a fair bit of damage. We recommend bringing a flint axe or spear, or taking the ranged approach with a crude bow and arrow. A lot of this boss battle revolves around blocking Eikthyr’s attacks or kiting him while managing your stamina.

Eat up

Valheim rewards those with a full belly. The Eikthyr battle will be so much easier if you stock up on different types of food, and start the encounter with a full health bar. Try cooking a Grilled Neck Tail, Cooked Meat (boar or deer), and a Raspberry. As long as you show up with a full stomach, your health will regenerate continuously, which will give you a better chance at beating your first Valheim boss battle.

Stay away from trees

Ke$ha sang, “It’s going down, I’m yelling timber, you better move, you better dance,” and that brings us to the next tip. Eikthyr will destroy the surrounding trees with its AoE attack. If a tree lands on you, you’ll probably die. Keep the fight to the open fields and stay away from any potential environmental hazards.

eikthyr valheim boss fight


Try to go into the Eikthyr boss battle with a shield. Blocking is an essential part of the Valheim combat system, and taking down Eikthyr will be a lot safer if you have a shield to eat most of the damage. Many of the attacks are easy to anticipate, so make sure you’re holding that block command down.

Bring a friend or two

Eikthyr has tunnel vision. If you can tank the boss’s attacks or successfully kite him away from your teammates, you’ll have an easy time obtaining the battle’s rewards. Try taking a swing or two at Eikthyr to keep his attention – this will give your friends plenty of opportunities to deal the real damage.

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