8 advanced Enlisted tips and tricks

Enlisted is a free-to-play shooter by Gaijin Entertainment that is set in the middle of World War 2. Recently the game opened a public beta, and the player base increased by a lot. The game’s current tutorial isn’t very enlightening, which is why I’m sharing my personal advice, tips and tricks for Enlisted here.

1. Mastering the perks and upgrades system

Perks and upgrades might seem a little intimidating at first, but once you understand how they work, they become as simple as breathing.

Perks are awarded to each soldier when they level up. When it happens, you get to choose between three random perks. All soldiers have a limit to their attributes, but once you’ve reached the maximum you can grow, you can put that soldier in the Academy, and their attribute limit will be raised.

Below is an example of where you should focus your perks.

Tips and tricks for Enlisted

The idea is for you to really take a look at what benefits each class. For example, adding more ammo perk to your Riflemen would be a bad idea since they already pack a lot of ammo. The same applies to speed on your Snipers, considering they’ll be sitting in one place most of the time.

As for the upgrades, there are three upgrade trees: Squad, Personnel, and Workshop. Each upgrade will be different depending on the class.

The squad upgrades focus on increasing the number of soldiers you have in a particular squad. Personnel upgrades unlock accessories, such as sidearms, backpacks, and bonus higher soldier ranks. Last but not least, the Workshop upgrades are all about weapon mods, increasing spare parts, and disassembling weapons.

Keep working on all three upgrade trees, but make sure to get to the highest level on your Workshop before you decide to dismantle your weapons. Why? Well, the higher your Workshop upgrade level, the more spare parts you get from each disassembled weapon.

2. Swapping soldiers

The AI in Enlisted isn’t that great as of yet, so rather than relying on them, pick a safe place that is relatively close to the action, and stash your AI squad there to keep them safe. Then just swap with them whenever you go down. All you have to do is press the Y key on your keyboard and voilá, you have swapped with another squad member. That way you get to keep playing, and you don’t risk losing your entire squad to a random accident.

3. Stripping your reserves

Whenever you swap the squads you will be taking into battle, make sure they are fully equipped. It’s very difficult to keep all your squads with full equipment at all times, so whenever you have picked the squads you want, make sure to scroll through your reserves and take their medkits, grenades, and other useful stuff you need in battle.

Tips and tricks for Enlisted
Image by Gaijin Entertainment

4. Building

A lot of Enlisted players don’t know this, but there is a very good use for the engineers in your squad: building. That’s right, engineers can build a great number of structures, such as sandbag walls, heavy machinery, and most importantly, Rally Points.

Rally points allow your entire team to spawn wherever they want in the map, so long as the Rally Point is built. This is a very OP structure and can give you the upper hand in battle. The downside is that it takes a lot of time to build, and it is destroyed very easily, so be sure to place it in a place that is at least somewhat well guarded, or well hidden.

Rally points can be built by any team, so whenever you are running through the map, if you hear a beeping sound – almost like a radio frequency – that means there is an enemy rally point nearby.

5. Marking the enemy

Enlisted goes big on realism, blasting your eyes and ears constant crossfire, tanks rumbling, bombs dropping, and airplanes shooting. The battlefield can be an audio-visual mess that is hard to keep track of, much like I assume it is in real life warfare.

That said, it can be pretty hard for players to spot enemies, so whenever you do spot an enemy or groups of enemies, make sure to mark V on the map, to let your allies know where to strike. If you have an airplane on your side that might make it extra hard for people in your team to keep track of what’s going on, so having a marker is pretty helpful.

6. Crouching before shooting

This isn’t anything new in this genre: shooting when you are crouching adds stability to your aim, therefore making it easier to hit your target.

Tips and tricks for Enlisted
Image by Gaijin Entertainment

7. Taking down tanks

Taking down a tank in Enlisted is hard, especially when you have no backup. Thankfully, I discovered by accident that holding down the explosive pack for a while will create a bigger impact when it lands. Plus, since you’ve cooked the explosive, the tank will have little to no time to react. However, you too will have a small window of time to get away from the blast radius, so be careful.

8. Making the most of Bronze, Silver, and Gold orders

So, as you probably already know, Enlisted‘s Logistics system has three different types of orders: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. It is up to you to choose how to spend them. However, some of these – especially the Silver and Gold orders – are hard to come by, so wasting them on unnecessary items is a no-no. Luckily for you, I wrote an entire guide to help you learn how to spend your Enlisted orders.

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