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8 Dying Light 2 mistakes you should avoid

Much like the first game, Dying Light 2 Stay Human is a long game in which every action you make heavily influences your experience in the game and its ending. Little did I know that some of my decisions early on would be less than ideal and make my life harder in the end game. So, in order to save you from the same fate, I’m sharing my list of Dying Light 2 mistakes you should avoid.

Upgrading Health instead of Stamina

When playing the game, you will come across the so-called Inhibitors, which, in groups of three, allow your character Aiden to boost either Stamina or Health by one rank.

My mistake was prioritizing Health over Stamina. I mean, in a world full of hordes and less than friendly humans, you ought to think Health is the way to go, right? Nope. Big mistake on my part.

Stamina is your best friend in this game, as it allows you to fight and sprint longer and gives you extra attacks when you are completely surrounded by a horde of zombies. Plus, higher Stamina will grant Aiden some extremely useful parkour skills.

So my advice to you is this: when using Inhibitors, go for a 3:1 ratio of Stamina and Health. And get the perks that go along nicely with your high Stamina, such as Dart, Dash, and Firm Grip.

Neglecting Stamina and Damage boosters

During my first playthrough, I avoided using boosters, either because I didn’t have the patience to craft them or because I didn’t feel like wasting the resources that I could use for something else.

However, in my second run-through, I did use the boosters and I realized just how easier my life got. Some bosses take forever to kill, so using Stamina and Damage boosters are a great help. And they are not just good for bosses. When you’re cornered and the only way out is through a massive horde, a damage booster can very well be the thing that tips the scales in your favor.

Not using parkour every chance you get

When I think of the best parkour mechanics in games, my mind goes straight to Mirror’s Edge, but the parkour mechanics in Dying Light 1 and 2 are pretty good too. Parkour feels somehow both fluid and weighty, and it can be used both for traversal and combat.

Most of the undead tend to roam the streets, so if you decide to walk through the streets, you will encounter fights at every turn. But, if you use your parkour skills to stick to rooftops, you will be able to keep your gear and weapons for a lot longer, since it won’t lose durability. Aiden can jump from one rooftop to another, he can grab ledges, swing from ropes, and scale walls, so make use of that.

8 Dying Light 2 mistakes you should avoid
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Not unlocking hideouts, windmills, and fast-travel locations

I know, I know, rookie mistake, but in my first playthrough of Dying Light 2, I was too lazy to go out of my way and unlock nearby hideouts. I mean, there is a gazillion of them and they’re not always on the path of your current missions.

Do yourself a favor and don’t be like me. Every time you can, unlock those locations, as they can save your ass when it’s the middle of the night and you have Howlers chasing you.

Not keeping UV light bars with me at all times

It is not always possible to get to a UV safety area, so having UV light bars in your inventory comes in handy. Plus, they are relatively easy to craft:

  • 20 Scrap
  • 5 Resin
  • 3 Pigments
  • 1 Oxidizer

If, however, you can’t find or buy the resources you need to craft a UV light bar, then keep decoys with you, as they provide a distraction and it only takes 10 Scrap and 1 Can in order to craft one.

Blocking rather than dodging and kicking

As you get deeper into Dying Light 2, enemies will begin to be more and more unpredictable in their attacks and it is no longer enough to just block and parry. So instead of wasting your stamina on blocking unblockable power attacks, learn to dodge and kick right from the start, so that when you get to those hard-to-kill enemies, you’ve already developed the instinct to dodge.

If you choose to follow my advice, then I recommend you also get the Perfect Parry and the Perfect Dodge perks, so no enemy ever lands heavy attacks on you.

8 Dying Light 2 mistakes you should avoid
Image by Techland.

Installing mods at any possible chance

Big, big mistake. I’ve learned the hard way that installing a mod right away will ruin your chances to extend your weapon’s life. So, rather than modding a weapon right from the start, keep a few mod slots free for when you need to increase the durability points in the weapon.

Not going on an Inhibitor chase early on

Early on, you are awarded a bunch of Inhibitors, so I never really decided to go on an Inhibitor run, but the truth is the bonuses they provide would have come in handy. So don’t be like me, and try to explore the world a bit more to look for Inhibitors. If it seems like an impossible goose chase, just Google “Inhibitor locations” and you will find all of them. With the extra Inhibitors in your possession, you can really develop Aiden’s perks.

I hope this list of mistakes to avoid in Dying Light 2 helps you out on your first playthrough!

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