8 essential Mount & Blade: Warband tips and tricks

Warband is an absolute classic of the Mount & Blade game series. I had a blast playing it when it first came out and it became a staple for me until Bannerlord came out. Although there are plenty of newer games with improved graphics and features, it Warband remains a favorite for me (and many others.) If you are thinking of playing it for the first time, or are returning and looking to try new things and improve your gameplay, these essential Warband tips and tricks will be of interest to you.

Install mods

There are zero reasons for you to play the original Warband version with outdated graphics and annoying bugs when a lot of awesome people have come up with mods to make your gaming experience a whole lot better. From overall graphics improvement to entirely new storylines, there are a lot of mods to try.

Pay attention to your character creation

When creating your character, you will choose their background story and each choice you make will determine your entire playthrough. It will determine your initial Renown, whether you prefer one-handed or two-handed weapons, your engineering skill, and so on. So, take my advice and read through everything before making a decision, asit is the only way you ensure your character develops exactly as you want them to.

Don’t neglect tournaments

Tournaments are the best and fastest way to get Renown early, and they bring some awesome rewards such as armor, weapons, and money.

You should get involved in tournaments early on. Even if you aren’t especially good, you can practice at the arena and then head on to the real fight. The easiest way to advance is to join a tournament and let the other contestants fight each other and then kill off the remaining enemy. It is not exactly an ethical strategy but it is effective.

As you get better, let go of that strategy and fight your enemies head-on. You will level up faster and it will prepare you for major battles ahead.

Make a political decision

At some point in the game, you will face a decision: to join an existing kingdom or forge your own.
The last one is a lot more epic, but the risks are also much greater.

My advice is that you analyze all kingdoms and see if any of them fit your ideals. If so, join them and fight in their name. If not, take the tough road, pillage some villages, conquer a castle, and eventually, you’ll have the option to create your own kingdom.

Get powerful friends

If you are planning to create your own kingdom, I advise you to get in good graces with a bunch of lords first, so you can recruit them into your kingdom, otherwise, you will be alone fighting dozens of other lords.

How can you do that? Well, first of all, look for lords with great leadership skills and big armies. Then, you can either do missions they offer or rescue them from enemies that have imprisoned them.

The not-so-highroad life

If you think creating your own kingdom is too ambitious for you, you can sign up to serve another kingdom or just become a mercenary, serving no one but yourself. You’ll get to raid and pillage freely, but doing so will not gain you the friendship of fiefs or caravan owners.

Create a passive form of income

Once you’ve amounted some money, it is time to invest it. You can head on to any town and invest in one or more workshops all across Calradia.

Choose a town, take a look at the neighboring villages and see which resources they deal with. Then head on over to the town and choose the industry you want. Always keep an eye on how much money the workshop is making, so you can decide whether that industry is working out or if you need to swap for another one.

Make use of your Companions

A lot of players overlook the Companions, which is a big mistake. Each Companion has a special set of skills, from Engineering to Medicine, to tactics, and so on. See what you are lacking and recruit the appropriate Companion.

I usually recruit a Companion with a focus on Engineering, to help build sieges a lot faster, and a Companion with a focus on Medicine, to minimize casualties from each battle.

On a side note, be careful if you hire more than one Companion, as not all of them get along with each other. Hiring Companions that have very different ideas might end up hurting your party more than it helps. So when hiring one, be sure to read their whole background story and determine their style. You can always turn to community resources to see which Companion combinations work best.

And watch out for the Companions that are the supposed heir to a certain kingdom, as hiring that Companion will decrease your relationship with the kingdom that they have a claim to.

And that’s it! I am sure these Mount & Blade: Warband tips and tricks will help you on your journey!

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