8 terrible starting words to make Wordle harder

The goal Wordle is to solve the daily riddle as quickly as possible. Of course, you can find tips to get a great starting word and complete your daily Wordle faster. But what if you are looking for a bigger challenge? Here are some terrible starting words that will make solving your daily Wordle harder.


According to science, xylyl is the worst starting word in Wordle. And the reason why is pretty obvious: with two Ys, two Ls, and one X, there is very little chance one of these letters is going to end up in the final word you are supposed to find out.

If this is the first time you ever read about the word xylyl, don’t worry, you are not alone. Xylyl is the name of a group of atoms derived from xylene. Xylyl also goes by the sweet name of (CH3)2C6H3, but you can’t type that in Wordle.


Most of us don’t use this word on a daily basis, but sooey, the shout used to call pigs, is a pretty terrible starting word in Wordle. It is one of the few words with two Os, and four out of its five letters are vowels. Using sooey as a starting word shouldn’t bring you any closer to completing your daily Wordle.


Another terrible starting word to make Wordle harder is yummy. If you are extremely lucky, the final Y might be in the correct position. But that’s basically the luckiest you can get with yummy.


We all love our mamma, but that doesn’t make it a good starting word in Wordle. With only two different letters, chances are the entire word will be gray. That won’t bring you any closer to finding your daily Wordle, but you did ask for some challenge!


Don’t we all love puppies? They are cute, deadly allergic for some, but most importantly puppy is a terrible starting word on Wordle. If having the same letter twice in a word is usually a bad idea for a Wordle starting word, it only gets worse with the three Ps of puppy.


Glyph is a pretty weird word with five unique letters but a single vowel – Y, the least useful one. And the consonants are nothing to write home about, either. Few words end with –ph, and the ones that do are pretty uncommon, like oomph, khaph, sylph, or humph. These are also terrible Wordle starting words if you are looking for more ideas.


Just like glyph, lymph features some of the most random letters one could place in a word. While there are no duplicates, these letters are not commonly used in popular Wordle starting words.


Most gamers hate it when there is a queue in their favorite game. And queue isn’t any better in Wordle, with an impressive succession of random Us and Es. You may get one yellow letter placement, but the odds are very low that queue is the word you are supposed to find out in Wordle.

I hope these terrible starting words will make Wordle harder for you! And if they are not complicated enough, feel free to suggest your own terrible words to torture our readers.

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