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9 handy Genshin Impact Photo Mode tips and tricks

Take your shot.

Genshin Impact is a beautiful game with a pretty decent Photo Mode to boot. To help you take advantage of that, here are nine key tips and tricks for taking great pictures with Photo Mode in Genshin Impact!


Let’s start off with zoom. Make sure you always check on your zoom! A photo doesn’t always have to be taken with the standard framing it defaults to. The Photo Mode in Genshin Impact allows you to zoom out further than you could normally. This allows you to capture more of the surrounding area and gives you an overall wider FOV for photos. Alternatively, consider zooming in to add a feeling of claustrophobia or danger. It’s also handy when you’re trying to capture photos of creatures that are smaller or at a distance.

Make use of the environment

Is there an event going on that you think would make for a good photo? Maybe there’s something in the world that you can match up with one of your character’s animations. Always try to keep things like this in mind when you’re trying to capture photos in Genshin Impact. I’ve also found some limited-time events tend to make for nice photos – and you may be able to pose your character just right to match them.

Genshin Impact photo mode tips
Well now I’m sad    Image by SQUAD


Even a slight foreground blur helps bring your subject into better focus. Play around with the distance and sliders until you get a photo you really like – use it to add or remove focus to your subject and to make images look a little artsier than they would if you’re just taking default basic photos.


Next up, angles! The Genshin Impact Photo Mode allows you to shift the camera around and capture things from different angles. Play around with the angles and framing of the Photo Mode in order to add some action to your photos and make them more dynamic. Also, remember to play around with perspective if – for example – your subject doesn’t line up in the frame how you want it to, and it’s not movable. Sometimes shifting your own perspective of a shot will get you what you want.

Genshin Impact Photo Mode tips
If you can’t shift the entity, shift your perspective!       Image by SQUAD

Abide by the rule of thirds

You may have heard about the rule of thirds for photo composition. Even if you haven’t, you’ve definitely seen the photo grids that it’s used for. The rule of thirds is a type of photo composition where an image is divided horizontally and vertically into thirds – the subject of the photo is usually placed at an intersection of those lines, or even along one of the lines. It’s called the rule of thirds for a reason – and it’ll definitely help you capture some extra memorable photos.

Manipulate the scenery

The scenery in this game is incredible, and as I mentioned earlier – you can always try to use a character’s animations in order to lend extra beauty to your image. For example, you can use Albedo’s sketching animation for landscape shots to make it look like he’s trying to draw the landscape. I’m also just a personal fan of Albedo as a whole, so…

It’s important that you remember you have the ability to manipulate time as well as the environment. In Genshin, you can and should be bending time to your will for beautiful photos. Want to convey a battle? Set fire to parts of the grass in an area to give it a battle-worn look.

Manipulate reality

If you care, this one is a minor spoiler. If you know what I’m talking about, carry on. In Genshin Impact one of the extra features available to players is the Serenitea Pot. This pot is actually a whole f**king pocket dimension that you can customize and arrange at a whim. Assuming you have and can find the proper buildings, obstacles, entities, etc, you can set up any kind of shot you’re looking for. Now, reality can be whatever you want.

Genshin Impact Sereniteapot meme
Maybe he can finally find his sister…        Image by SQUAD

Make use of the Kamera

Remember to use the Kamera to your advantage. The lack of fine-tuning menus is unfortunate, but the Kamera is still an invaluable tool to the burgeoning photographer. It comes in especially handy if taking solo photos or photos of things that you normally can’t be in Photo Mode for. The Kamera is notably useful for taking photos of combat animations and action shots. Position your in-game camera, keep what you want in focus, and try to train your timing skills for the perfect action shot.

Ask your friends for help

I’ve done this on a lot of occasions – especially when I’m looking to capture a frame that I can’t take normally with the Photo Mode or Kamera (capturing a specific animation that happens before you can get to Photo Mode or can be interrupted by certain keys – or I want to have multiple attempts at it without swapping in and out of Photo Mode.

Bonus tip!

Get creative and play around with shadows! Shadows can serve to add extra emphasis to your photo or to convey certain emotions in those photos. Sometimes, less is more!

That’s a wrap!

Whether you’re serious about taking photos in Genshin Impact or you just want to take really pretty ones for wallpapers, don’t be afraid to experiment in-game and try out different photo composition styles in order to take pictures that you feel good about. I often find myself just getting lost in the beauty of Genshin Impact, and going on photo tours. It’s always a great feeling when you’re roaming around and spot a great shot just waiting to be taken.

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