9 Scavengers tips and tricks for new players

Scavengers is unlike any other battle royale or shooter game you’ve played before. It blends PvP and PvE, while also adding an emphasis on survival into the game. It’s a uniquely fun mix, but that also means players will need to learn how to get around and thrive in the game. That is why I’ve prepared some key tips and bits of info for new Scavengers players.

1. Mercy gets the win

Whenever you pick up basically any shooter game, your instinctive train of thought is “kill or be killed.” Although you do have to kill players from time to time, having the most kills won’t get you wins in Scavengers. In fact, you could die and your squad might still win the match, as victory goes to the team with most data points, not kills.

Running into other players and teams is inevitable, but if you spot an enemy, you don’t necessarily need to go for the kill. Doing that could possibly let you steal their data points, provided they didn’t just upload them on an uplink station.

I you prefer to avoid conflict at all, stick to clearing out Scourge Growths, Outposts, and the big objectives which spawn in the late game. Most of all, your goal should be to leave the planet alive.

2. Parkour!

Stamina is an important attribute and you should try to keep it up at all times. That means always having food on you, and sliding as much as you can. Sliding clears just as much distance as sprinting, so there’s really no need to waste your stamina. Plus, sliding and crouch walking in general doesn’t make you show up on enemy radar and sprinting does, so it’s a win-win situation.

There is also no fall damage in Scavengers, so feel free to jump off high cliffs if it gets you places quicker.

9 tips for new players on Scavengers
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3. Bring along the medic

Sure, having a team full of damage dealers is fun, but in this game healers go a long way. You get access to a healer right from the start: Halden. He is very easy to play as, by the way.

4. Keep warm

Cold is a big deal here. Near your HP bar, you have a temperature meter, which shows you your temperature status. Never allow your body temperature to drain fully. Why? Well, the cold will bring your max health when it reaches the freezing status.

Whenever your character starts getting cold, look for sources of heat, such as torches and campfires. As soon as you can, add the Thermal Boosts to your inventory, just in case you get caught in the storm. Happens more often than you’d think.

5. Know where to loot

Collecting data points is easy, but not when there are enemy players around. Luckily for you, you can tell whether an Outpost is occupied in several ways. If you are near you will know right away, because there will be loud shouting and the sound of gunfire coming from the Outpost.

Second, you can always tell if an outpost is occupied if you see the number of data points decreasing on the map.

6. Shield strength

When you look at enemy players you can see the value of their shields by the color of their shimmer, s you can tell whether it’s a good idea to attack. The gold shields are the strongest, then you have the purple ones, the blue ones, and the weakest ones, the green shields.

I would be tempted to stick around and attack a green or blue shield, but I tend to keep my distance from the purples, unless my squad is with me and we are fully geared up.

9 tips for new players on Scavengers
Image by  Midwinter Entertainment

7. Use the uplink stations with caution

If you’ve collected a good amount of data points, you might want to consider storing them in uplink stations. If you don’t, you risk losing half your data points every time you die, and if you can’t make it to the dropship in time, you’ll lose everything.

However, there is a serious downside to using uplink stations: when you upload your data points, a light beam will shoot into the sky, alarming every other players of your location.

8. Know when to board the extraction ship

Don’t foolishly run towards the ship the second it arrives. It will stay put for five whole minutes. Instead, assess your situation. Do you have a low number of data points? Go out and collect more! Are you on top of the data point leaderboard? Then pick a nice hiding spot and wait for the right moment.

9. Claim your free chips

Scavengers gives every early access player the option to claim 1.500 chips, the in-game currency. All you have to do is head to the shop and claim it. It might not look like a lot, but it will allow you to buy a new explorer right away. You can also grab a pack of 200 free chips every day.

I hope these Scavengers tips have helped you out! Stick around for more Scavengers content!

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