Albion Online crafting guide and tips for making a profit

A lot of Albion Online players enjoy spending their time crafting items and making a profit from that. And what’s not to like about crafting? You get to use and equip everything you make, and you can gather your own raw materials to save money and then sell for a greater margin of profit. Today, we will be exploring everything you need to know about crafting in Albion Online. This guide contains information that should be useful both to new players and veterans.

Crafting 101

The first thing you need to know is that crafting in Albion Online is time-consuming. You will have to dedicate a good portion of time to improve your skill and to make the best items. That said, crafting is very rewarding in the long run.

To begin your crafting journey, you have to complete the first part of the tutorial so you can unlock the Novice Adventurer Mastery group in your Destiny Board and then consequently the Trainee Craftsman Mastery group. Once that is done, the node will allow you to craft Novice items at the four crafting stations (Mage’s Tower, Warrior’s Forge, Hunter’s Lodge, and Toolmaker.)

My advice here is that you take some time in the starter town and craft about four to five Novice versions of each item you want to equip. Once you’ve done that, it is time for the best part: studying the items.

Studying crafted items

Albion Online has an option to study items that you have crafted. This option allows you to get at least 200% of the crafting Fame of the item you are studying. So adding that 200 % Fame to the initial 100% you got from crafting the item will quickly let you level up to Journeyman level. However, keep in mind that studying an item will destroy it.

Leveling up your crafting skills is as easy as that: crafting and studying. However, do not overdo it and make a butt-load of items as when you level up, you will not be able to study items below your crafting level.

Crafting Focus

Using Focus on your crafts is vital to any Albion artisan. What is Focus in crafting? Well, every time you craft an item, you get a small return of the raw materials you used. Turning on the Focus will significantly increase the return rate of those raw materials, meaning you get to make more items for less.

It is an incredibly valuable tool, but it needs to be used with care, considering there is a limit to Focus and it restores very slowly. If you have Premium, you will be at an advantage, since you will restore 10k focus points per day.

In order to use Focus, all you have to do is open the crafting station, select the item you want to craft and before confirming the crafting, check the Focus box at the bottom. You will be able to see just how many FOcus points you need for that specific item. And as far as results are concerned, after the Merlyn update, the return rate is 47%.

All you need to know about crafting in Albion
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Item Quality & Enchantments

Another thing to pay attention to is item quality. Every time you craft in Albion Online you will get an item of a certain quality. You cannot control it, but the higher your crafting level, the better your odds of crafting a Masterpiece item are. A Masterpiece item is much more valuable than a regular one, so don’t sell it for less than it is worth. And when making choices for your equipment, always go with the Masterpiece to give yourself the highest stat advantage possible. That is unless you are heading to a PvP zone, since there you would risk losing your Masterpieces to another player.

Aside from that, you also get to Enchant items. The green diamond allows you to craft tier 1 (Uncommon), the blue allows you to craft tier 2 (Rare) and the purple allows you to craft tier 3 (Exceptional). You can choose the level of enchantment you want when crafting items, but the higher the enchantment, the more raw materials you will need.

Pro tip: If you plan on taking your crafting to the next level, you will need to learn how to deal with Artifacts as well. There are three types of artifacts: Runes (Artifact), Souls (Hellgate Artifacts), and Relics. All artifacts can be crafted at the Artifact Foundry, which you can find in any major city.

Making a profit

Making a profit with crafting is about much more than just slapping together some items and selling them. The best way for you to make a worthwhile profit margin is to find the raw materials yourself, rather than buying them off of someone else.

I know it might sound boring and time-consuming, and in a way it is, but you can make it so much easier by hiring laborers for your island to collect those resources in your stead. If you collect the raw materials and refine them yourself, your profit will rise substantially.

Also, watch where you craft your items. By now, you probably have noticed that there are several crafting stations of the same sort in each city. You should pay them all a visit and see which one allows you to craft for a lower tax.

The most important tip

If you really want to give yourself the best chance at making awesome and powerful items, you will need to eat some Salads. Yup, that is right, the secret to crafting is to eat Salads. Salads offer a high-bonus buff to your crafting skill. But only do so with items above T4 adept level, otherwise, it is a waste of money.

Check the list below for the basic Salads you should always have with you as a crafter.

All you need to know about crafting in Albion

That’s it! You are now ready to become the best crafter you can be in Albion Online!

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