Albion Online Expeditions guide – Solo, Group, Hardcore

Ever spotted one of those blue portal thingies popping up in cities? Those are called Expeditions. You can access expeditions in Albion Online through NPCs known as Expedition Masters.

What are expeditions in Albion Online?

Expeditions are nothing more than dungeons that take up about 30 to 40 minutes of your time, or even less if you have already mastered a way to get through them.

They are the best dungeon experience for new players, since when you die on an Expedition you get teleported to the most recent checkpoint, without ever risking the loss of your gear, and without losing equipment durability. It’s a win-win situation, where you can gain fame and silver and not lose anything.

And the best part is that when you are completely familiar with normal Expeditions in Albion Online, you can just move on to Hardcore Expeditions.

Hardcore expeditions

Hardcore Expeditions offer a much more difficult challenge, but better reward as well. Unlike the normal Expeditions, these actually require an Ancient Map, and preferably a party of five players. In order to acquire an Ancient Map, you will have to beat high-leveled mobs. You can also buy it.

To get into a Hardcore Expedition, you can head to an Expedition Master. These NPCs are found in any major city in Albion Online, and even some encampments in the black zone.

Solo Expeditions

Solo Expeditions can be done at any time of day, provided you have the necessary item power requirement and Reaver level. Once you go in, just clear the dungeon of all mobs and collect the fame and rewards.

When you start, you can select the difficulty tier you want. You’ll be teleported to the dungeon, where an NPC will tell you what your mission is. You have 60 minutes to complete the mission, otherwise you will get teleported back to the city you were in, and you’ll get a penalty timer.

Albion Online guide
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Group Expeditions

Albion Online‘s Group Expeditions, most commonly known as Sellsword Expeditions, are a bit more demanding than the Solo version. In Group Expeditions, you will have to register yourself at the Expedition Master NPC and then wait in queue for your time.

Once you’ve filled up the party, you will automatically be assigned a role, which can be either Tank, Healer, or DPS. The roles are pretty self-explanatory: the tank pulls mobs’ aggro on themselves, the DPS kills said mobs, and the healer heals and shields their teammates.

Your whole team has 120 minutes to complete the mission, or you all get teleported back to where you were, and you get a penalty timer.

Unlocking new Expeditions

Playing higher-tier Albion Online Expeditions can only be done by leveling up your Reaver level. This can only be done through the combat node in your Destiny Board. The higher the Expedition tier, the better the rewards.

Are Expeditions worth the time?

Expeditions are great for getting experience and learning the game’s ropes before venturing into the open world, more specifically into PvP zones.

The fame and silver you get might not be as good as that you can acquire from playing the open world itself, but it is still rewarding enough, and it is definitely better than venturing into red or black zones unprepared and losing all your equipment.

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