Albion Online gathering guide – how to gather resources

There are many ways to earn silver in Albion Online, from farming to PvP, dungeons, and so on, but one of my favorite ones is Gathering. Gathering is underlooked by many players, as not many have the patience to explore the open world and collect raw materials, but today I am going to show you why you should get into the gathering path, with this gathering guide for Albion Online.

Why gathering?

As I already mentioned, most Albion Online players find gathering boring, and prefer to buy raw materials from the marketplace rather than go out and gather the resources themselves. What does that mean? It means an opportunity for those of us who do have the patience to gather those resources.

Even low tier resources can make a good profit if you know where to sell them.

Stick to one resource at a time

I know it is very tempting to select an area and pick it clean of all types of resources, so that you can sell them or craft your own gear. However, doing so will actually slow down your progress, or at least delay your opportunity to make money.

Research all of the major cities’ market demands and see which is most rewarding across all of them. Once you have decided on the resource you wish to gather, make sure to go all the way. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t switch to another resource later on, but be sure to level up and gather as much of a single resource as possible, so that you create enough fortune to keep you going as you then level up and collect other resources.

And if you are in need of other resources in the meantime, you can always trade with friends and guildmates that gather the other resources. As a last case scenario, you could also buy from the marketplace.

Don’t overwork your tools

A lot of Albion Online players tend to use certain tools on higher-level nodes, but that is a big no-no. If you have a tier 5 pickaxe, don’t go gather tier 7 nodes – it will just hinder your progress. The only reason for you to be gathering higher-tier nodes is if you are collecting resources to craft your next-tier tool. Aside from that, stick to gathering resources at your own level.

Gathering guide for Albion Online

When gathering, use gathering gear

Alright alright, you like your badass outfit. You can keep it in the closet, as it will bring you no benefit when gathering. Instead, buy or craft gear specific to what you will be gathering. That way, you get a lot more Fame points and a bonus on gathered resources.

I know it sucks not being able to wear your combat gear, especially when you want to gather resources in dangerous places, such as red or black zones, but if you take anything other than the gathering gear, it will take a lot longer to master that resource gathering.

Keep a mount with you at all times

If gathering in safe zones, feel free to use an Ox, as they have an incredible weight capacity. You can also go for the Giant Stag – it can carry less than the Ox, but it’s a lot faster.

However, when gathering in a red or black zone, those two mounts are not good at all, and will make it harder for you to survive when you need to outrun gankers. When going into PvP zones, use an armored horse: they are fast and strong and they aren’t very expensive.

Choose a good satchel

Get yourself a really good bag. Don’t take a 500k satchel to a PvP zone – like I once did and very soon came to regret – but be sure to choose a good satchel, as it will help you carry a lot more items.

Sure, the Ox has enough weight capacity to keep you going for a long while. However, when using any other Albion Online mount, like the armored horse, a good satchel will mean fewer trips to dangerous places.

Be picky with your food

Food is the gatherer’s best friend – especially pies. Pies greatly increase your carrying capacity and they provide a gathering bonus, so be sure to keep a few pies with you at all times. You should pick based on what you like and what you can afford. My favorite ones are the Pork Pie and the Frostpeak Deadeye Pie, they are both tier 7 foods, providing a +15% gathering yield and increasing your carrying capacity by over 22%.

Learn each biome

In order to be as efficient as possible, gather the resource you are looking for at the main biome for those resources. It is pretty easy to figure out each biome and its resources in Albion Online:

Gathering guide for Albion Online

With all these tips in mind, I am sure you will become a master gatherer in no time! Let me know if my gathering guide has helped you out, and stay tuned to SQUAD for more Albion Online content.

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