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Player islands in Albion Online are quite useful for a number of reasons. Today we are going to go over all there is to know about player islands, from acquiring one to moving it to another location, upgrades, and abandoning islands. Whether you are completely new to Albion Online or have been playing for hundreds of hours, this guide should have some useful information to help you take advantage of player islands fully.

Islands 101

There are two types of player-made islands: player islands and guild islands. Having your own personal island is great, as you can have everything you need in Albion Online in one place. We’re talking buildings, crafting stations, and the good old farm which can make you rich if you know just how to use it properly.

Island access

Player islands are PvP-free and only their owner has access to them, unless they decide to give other players access.

Island structures

All player islands on Albion Online share the same building layout, but it is entirely up to the player to decide whether they wish to place buildings on their island or not. To be honest, I will never understand why some players choose to have few to no buildings on their islands. I mean, having everything on your own island is much safer than going from city to city with the raw materials and then heading back with all the produced stuff, risking losing everything on the way.

Plus, cities charge taxes for using crafting stations and other structures, while having one of your own would mean you would get to use your structures at any time, without any unnecessary taxes.

A guide to player islands on Albion Online
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How to get your own island

Instead of buying an island randomly, do your research and look for a strategic location to establish your island. That way you save yourself from many unnecessary trips.

Once you’ve decided on the location, it is time to head to an island merchant. They can be found in any major city, but you can just head to the one closest to your preferred location.

Players are required to have the 30 days Premium activated if they want to have their own island; the Premium can be purchased with real money or in-game currency in the Albion Online shop. Don’t worry, you won’t have to have the Premium active to keep your island. Once you’ve purchased it, it will be yours forever, regardless of your Premium status, and you are free to use it and upgrade it as you wish.

Building in our island

Once you have bought your player island in Albion Online, there is no need to worry about clearing it out, as it will be automatically cleared when the build spot is unlocked.

Moving on, lets talk about creating buildings on your island! What you need to do is right-click your portrait on the top left side of the screen and choose the Build option. Or, if you are lazy / practical like me, press the H key on your keyboard.

Now, there are four different tabs to choose from: Houses, Military, Economy, and Farming.

A guide to player islands on Albion Online
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Inside the Houses tab, you have two options: House and Guild Hall, though this last one is only available for construction on Guild Islands.

A player’s house has many uses. First, you can use it as storage, by adding a chest inside. Second, you can set it at your home, therefore teleporting there when you die. And third, you can use the house to make some money, through laborers, which are NPCs placed inside the house.

What do these laborers do? Well, they give you journals, and whenever you accomplish tasks within each journal, it will fill up. When completely full, you just need to bring it back to the laborer, and he will go out into the world and repeat what you have done, and then return to you with resources and silver.

Military buildings

Within the Military tab, you will find the Warrior’s Forge, Mage’s Tower, and Hunter’s Lodge.

The Warrior’s Forge allows the player to craft all sorts of plate armor and warrior weapons. The Mage’s Tower allows the crafting of cloth armor and magic weapons. Finally, the Hunter’s Lodge allows the crafting of leather armor and ranged weapons.

Economy buildings

The economy buildings consist of Lumbermills, Smelters, Tanners, Weavers, Toolmakers, Stonemasons, and Repair Stations.

It’s pretty easy to guess what each building here does: the lumbermill refines logs into wood planks, the smelter refines ore into metal ingots, the tanner refines animal hide into leather, and so on. Simply put, they take your raw materials and convert them into something useful.

Farming buildings

Last but not least are the Farming building. Here you can find the Alchemist’s Lab, Mill, Farm, Herb Garden, Cook, Butcher, Saddler, Pasture, and Kennel.

Much like the Economy buildings, their name say it all. And friends, I would advise you not to underestimate the power of these farming buildings, as when used properly, they can make you very rich.

Demolishing building

Islands have limited space, so there is no room for useless buildings. Whenever you decide a building is no longer worth keeping, you can use the Demolish option in the building’s menu. You will get back 90% of the resources you invested.

WARNING: Do NOT use the Demolition Hammer! If you do, you will not be getting back any of the resources you invested in the building.

Upgrading your island

Upgrading an island is a very fast process, taking only about two minutes with each upgrade. All you have to do is head to an island merchant in any major city and buy the upgrade. Each upgrade comes with additional areas to build on, which is pretty great.

Player islands can be upgraded from Tier 1 to Tier 6, and the costs for each upgrade level are listed below:

A guide to player islands on Albion Online

These are the current prices without Global Discount, but they can change with new game updates. Right now, if you were to buy an island in Albion Online and fully upgrade it, it would cost you 9.506.250 silver, not counting the silver you spend on the resources needed to create the buildings you want on your island.

Abandoning your island or relocating

Every now and then, players want to move to another location. That can be done in one of two ways: transferring your island to another location, or abandoning your island and creating another one somewhere else.

Island transfer

Transferring an island to another location can sometimes be done for free. It is a very limited time feature that usually only happens when there is a significant change in the map. For example, for 30 days after the launch of the Call to Arms update, players were allowed to move their islands completely, without having to demolish or relocate anything inside the island.

Abandoning an island

In order to abandon your island, all you have to do is head to the island merchant you bought the island from, and choose the Abandon option. Before you abandon the island though, be sure to demolish everything and recover the resources you invested!

You won’t have to worry about having to spend a lot of silver again to upgrade your next island, since when purchasing a new island you’ll get it pre-upgraded to your previous island’s level at no added cost.

I hope this guide on player islands in Albion Online has helped you out! Stay tuned for more Albion content!

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