All berry tree locations in Pokemon’s Isle of Armor DLC

The Wild Area in The Isle of Armor would not be complete without its berry trees. Except these berry trees are unlike the ones in Galar – they can drop various colors of Apricorns. With these Apricorns you can try your luck at getting Apricorn Pokeballs in the Cram-o-matic.

Finding all these berry trees can be quite the task on such a large island, so here are all the berry tree locations on the Isle of Armor.

Fields of Honor

The first area you have access to is the Fields of Honor. This is a relatively small area and contains the first four berry trees you’ll see in The Isle of Armor. When you exit the train station go immediately right, because there is a hidden tree at the end of the beach – this is the easiest tree to miss out on.

After harvesting it, make your way back to the train station and continue to the left. You should see a tree right away. This is the second tree in the zone. Continue on the path to the dojo and you will come across tree number three. The fourth tree is not on the path at all, and is instead hiding on the right side of the dojo.

With all these gathered, you can continue to the Soothing Wetlands.


Soothing Wetlands

This area is a large open space, so finding the trees here will be no problem. There are only four berry trees scattered throughout the Soothing Wetlands. The first berry tree you will see will be on the path as you come in from the Fields of Honor. If you go to the right of this tree towards the hills, you will find the second berry tree.

From the second berry tree, make your way to the entrance of the Forest of Focus. Make sure to stay near the hills as you go there, and you will come across the third berry tree.

Next go down the hill towards your left, and you will find the final berry tree. It will be outside the entrance to the Courageous Cavern.


Challenge Beach

If you go across the small river you will be at Challenge Beach. This is a small Isle of Armor area and only has two berry trees. The first is towards the right after you cross the river. You should see it right away after going towards the Tower of Waters.

The second is going to be to your left and on the beach. After getting these two trees, go through the Courageous Cavern to get to Loop Lagoon.


Loop Lagoon

Loop Lagoon is a hidden area on the Isle of Armor. The easiest way to get to it is through the Courageous Cavern. Otherwise you have to bike through the sea and around the large hills, while avoiding Sharpedos.

This area only has one hidden berry tree on the small island in the middle of the lagoon. There is only one beach to get up to the island, so you will find it with no problem. When you get to the beach, just stick to the right as you go onto the island, and the berry tree will be there for you.

loop lagoon

Forest of Focus

Next we will check out the Forest of Focus. To get here quickly, fly to the Tower of Waters and then stick to the left as you go up the beach. There is an entrance to the Forest of Focus here. This area has a whopping 7 berry trees, and the most of any other area. The Forest of Focus is also maze-like, and you can get lost quite easily in here. But once you learn the layout, finding these berry trees will be a lot easier.

When you enter the Forest of Focus from the Tower of Waters path, you will find the first berry tree immediately. It will be sitting at a fork in the forest path. After harvesting this tree, follow the path going left. This will take you directly to the second berry tree. Continue down the path more and you will come to a bridge.

berry trees isle of armor forest-1

Before crossing the bridge, go to the right and you will find the third berry tree sitting in a dead end. Then turn around and go to the area left of the bridge and you will find the fourth berry tree.

Now you can cross the bridge, and make sure to stick to the left path. This path will take you to a dead end with the fifth berry tree sitting at the end of it.

Now just turn around and follow the path straight down. When you come to the area at the end of a pond, and where two paths meet, you will see an empty area to your right. This is another dead end area, but if you go closer you will see the sixth berry tree.

Then continue to follow the path to your right. This will take you to the final berry tree and the exit leading to the Soothing Wetlands.

berry trees Isle of Armor forest-2

Training Lowlands

The next area you will go to is the Training Lowlands. This is a medium sized area and only has two berry trees. As soon as you enter the Training Lowlands from the Forest of Focus, go towards the right. You should see a river, bridge, and the cave entrance to Brawler’s Cave. When you cross the bridge, the berry tree will appear next to the cave entrance.

After gathering these berries, turn around and follow the path all the way down the hill until you meet the water. Go to the left when you are at the water and you will see a lake next to the beach. There is a small patch of land across the water, and here is where the second berry tree is.

Now it is time for the Isle of Armor berry trees hidden across the seas.

berry trees Isle of Armor lowlands

Insular Sea

The Insular Sea only has one berry tree, and to get to it you should fly to the Tower of Waters. This area is a lot closer to the Stepping Stone Sea than the Training Lowlands, and will cut down your travel time. However, you will have to travel quite a ways to get to this lonely berry tree anyway.

Just go straight across the water from the Tower of Waters. You should see an island in the distance. To get to the Insular Sea, you will go through part of the Honeycomb Sea, so do not worry if you find yourself in the wrong sea for a bit.

When you finally reach your destination you will see the berry tree immediately on the flat island.


Stepping Stone Sea

This sea also has one berry tree, and you can get to it from the Insular Sea. When you are still on the island in the Insular Sea, look to your right and you should see three islands in the distance. One of these islands has two trees on it – make your way to this one.

When you get to this island, you will find the berry tree after getting onto the beach.


Workout Sea

The final zone with some berry trees is the Workout Sea. This sea has two berry trees hidden in it, but they are very far apart.

First, fly to the Fields of Honor and make your way into the sea. Make your way to the right and hug the hills of the island. Just keep going until you find this barren piece of land and you will find the berry tree.

The second berry tree is on the complete other side of the sea, so fly back to the Fields of Honor. This time make your way to the left of Workout Sea. You can see an island in the distance with three trees on it – this is where the second berry tree is.


There you have it, all the berry trees on the Isle of Armor. Knowing their locations can help you farm Apricots and berries every day for whatever you need. If you need help creating Apricorn Pokeballs, stay tuned for a guide on how to make them.

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