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All bread locations in every pufferfish level in I am Fish

Let's get this bread.

Bread can be quite tricky to find in some levels in I am Fish, and even tougher to get to. In this guide, I will show you all the bread locations in every pufferfish level in the game.

Level 1 Highland Roll

The first piece of bread is inside the house on the first floor. When you get down the stairs you will see it floating next to the dog food bowl.

The next piece of bread will be found near the river next to a checkpoint. The bread is floating on a rock so you must jump out of the water to get it.

After obtaining this piece, you will need to make a choice, as it is impossible to get all the bread in one playthrough. When you get to the bridge you can choose to go left or right. If you go right you will be met with a split path. Take the left path and a piece of bread will be right in front of you.

all bread puffer fish i am fish

If you go left at the bridge the river will lead you to a road with bread on it. This is a long stretch of land so you must move quickly to survive. Build up speed in the water and then jump out to make sure you can make it past the road and into the water on the other side.   

Right after the road, you will fall into a small stream where you are given a choice to go left or right. Make sure to go left to secure the final piece of bread, but do not roll straight down the hill just yet. First you will want to aim for the right most puddle of water on the hill. From this puddle, you want to roll to the right on the flatter side of the hill. Over here will be a puddle with the last piece of bread.

all bread puffer fish i am fish level 1

Level 2 A Forest Stream

The first piece of bread is hiding under a rock on the right side of a pond at the start of the level.  

The second piece of bread is hidden in an underwater cave. This cave is located in a lake you drop into that has a large tree in the middle of it. When you see the tree swim along the right side of the lake and you will find the cave’s entrance.

The third piece of bread will be floating above a board in an abandoned building. You must move carefully here to avoid being attacked by seagulls. Make sure to avoid the darker colored boards as those will break when you roll onto them.

all bread puffer fish i am fish level 2

The fourth piece of bread is located at the bottom of the abandoned building. Take the boards that lead to the bar. Behind the bar, you will find the bread. 

The fifth piece of bread will be on a log surrounded by brambles. Do your best to aim for the middle of the log. If you are too close to the left or right side of the log you will fall into the brambles.

all bread puffer fish i am fish level 2 part 2

Level 3 Club Barnardshire

This level has the trickiest bread spawns. There are three paths you can take, but it is impossible to take multiple paths. You have to play this level at least three times to get all the bread.  

To take the first path you must travel to the end of the walkway, and jump into a cup. Then take the vent to the office and eventually you will reach the lights on the ceiling. In between two wires in the middle of the structure will be a piece of bread. 

The second path you can take is going down the right staircase. Once you are at the bottom head towards the bar. When you get to the checkpoint at the end of the bar it is time for the tough part. This is the most difficult piece of bread to obtain in I am Fish. You have to roll down a handrail while avoiding bottles, and land inside a cup on a table. You take this cup to the end of the table and then inflate to go flying out of the cup. Deflate mid-air and land on the handrail. Then inflate and roll down the rail to get the bread before you suffocate.

level 3 part 1

Once you get the bread you have to make a sharp turn onto a table, and drop into a mop bucket to survive. The best way to do this is to deflate just before you grab the bread. This helps you turn around instantly, as rolling to change direction is much harder.  

The third path is to take the left staircase, and then tip your mop bucket over the broken bars. Then you can get the piece of bread before going to the bar.  

This next piece of bread can only be obtained if you take one of the staircase paths. It is sitting near the front door of the club, in between both staircases.  


The fifth piece of bread can be obtained regardless of the path you take. It is in the area right off the dance floor. You must be controlling Greg to get this piece of bread, and you do it simply by navigating him to next to these stais. This is another tough piece of bread to get in I am Fish because of the limited amount of time you have to control Greg.  

All Bread Locations in Every Puffer Fish Levels | I am Fish Guide

That is how you can get all the bread in every pufferfish level in I Am Fish. To see how to obtain the more difficult bread in-game you can check out my video above.

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