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All new perks added in Season of the Splicer | Destiny 2

Season of the Splicer is finally live in Destiny 2. With over 30 new weapons, there are a variety of new perks to explore. Here are all the new perks added with Season of the Splicer in Destiny 2.

Adrenaline Junkie is the newest damage perk to be added. Upon getting a grenade final blow, you will get a damage and handling buff for a moderate duration. This perk will pair well with Exotics that provide multiple grenade charges, and with high Discipline builds.

Cornered provides a faster charge time or draw time when surrounded by enemies. Hopefully this will be an alternative to Backup Plan on fusion rifles.

Danger Zone looks to be one of the weaker Destiny 2 perks this season. It increases the blast radius of your explosive when you are surrounded by enemies. On paper this sounds good, but on grenade launchers you want to have a lower blast radius to optimize damage with Spike Grenades.

The beloved Firefly makes its return to Destiny 2. This precision kill perk combines the greatness of both Dragonfly and Outlaw. These precision final blows deal solar damage to nearby enemies.

Heating Up will increase accuracy and stability while improving vertical recoil upon getting final blows. I doubt this perk will replace Rapid Hit or Zen Moment on weapons where it is available. However, it may be a strong pickup in PvP activities.

Rewind Rounds will be a reload perk alternative on high magazine weapons. It will refill ammo at the end of magazine based on the number of hits you got.

Tunnel Vision is another perk that may see play in PvP. With this perk, reloading after defeating a target greatly increases target acquisition and aim down sight speed for a short duration.

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