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Apex Legends Arenas guide – everything you need to know

Respawn dropped a new gameplay trailer this morning for the upcoming season Apex Legends Season 9 Legacy. New skins were showcased, as well gameplay of Valkyrie and the Bocek bow. We also got a thorough overview of the new permanent Apex Legends game mode, Arenas. Here is everything you need to know about Arenas in Apex Legends.

Maps and gameplay differences

The Arenas mode features maps designed specifically for the game mode. They are mostly sections of the current maps we have, scaled down for three-on-three combat, but some are entirely new. Some of the familiar areas include Golden Gardens from Olympus, Thermal Station from World’s Edge, and Artillery from Kings Canyon.

There will be five maps in total at the launch of Arenas, with only three maps available at any given time. Other maps cycle in and out of the pool on a bi-weekly basis. The specific map you get to play when queueing up for Arenas changes every 15 minutes.

In terms of gameplay, Arenas retains a lot of the features of regular Apex Legends. Like in the Battle Royale mode, there is be a ring that gradually shrinks the playspace over the course of each match. There are also care package drops: one per round, with increasingly better gear found inside it each round. It drops in the middle of the round, and the weapons it holds can be previewed in the buy phase.

Apex Legends Arenas map
Party Crasher. Image by Respawn Entertainment

Unique shop

Similar to tactical shooters like Valorant and Rogue Company, each round in Apex Legends Arenas starts with a buy phase. Players start out with a certain amount of crafting materials, and can earn more by performing well in combat, and by interacting with the material canisters scattered around the maps. Eliminating enemy champions rewards 75 materials, and canisters give 200 materials to every member of your squad.

Materials can be spent on weapons, items, and abilities. Unlike regular Apex Legends, abilities in the Arenas mode have a set number of uses per turn, instead of recharging on a cooldown. You start with some Tactical charges, but extra charges and Ultimate abilities will need to be purchased with materials. This forces players to decide whether it’s their ability or a better weapon that is more important to winning a round. Unused Tactical and Ultimate charges carry over to the next round.

Weapons can also be upgraded and equipped with optics of your choice. Certain weapons cost more than other others, meaning that no matter how poorly you performed in a round, you should still have enough for a weapon next round; it may only be a P2020, but you will still have a fighting change. Weapons do not carry between rounds, to prevent snowballing and to allow players to swap loadouts.

Apex Legends Arenas shop
Image by Respawn Entertainment

How to win in the Arena

After the buy phase, the two squads fight it out until one of them wiped out. Downed teammates can be picked up, but there are no respawns. In order to win, a team must score three victories with a two-win margin. This means that you must be ahead by at least two rounds to secure the W.

Rounds past the initial six are considered tiebreaker rounds. If neither squad manages to pull ahead after eight rounds, the game enters sudden death mode. The winners of the final round are crowned champions.

The Apex Legends in-game progression between modes is partly shared, meaning that you can complete some of your challenges in both modes, while others are specific to either Battle Royale or Arenas.

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