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Apex Legends Arenas tier list – best legends for Arenas

Apex Legends Arenas is around the corner, and it plays very differently from the battle royale game mode. With tactical and ultimate abilities requiring a buy-in, some Legends will be stronger than others. Here is your complete tier list for Apex Legends Arenas, which we will keep updated as the meta changes.

S Tier

S Tier Legends are ones that you will see in most games. They are strong in most scenarios and fit into most team compositions.

  • Gibraltar will be a staple in most team compositions. His Dome and Gun Shield help mitigate incoming damage and help with keeping his team on their feet. Gibraltar’s ultimate will also be great for zoning and damage.
  • Although Lifeline no longer has a revive shield, she still has a chance of getting off a free revive. Her heal drone will also help her team conserve healing supplies.
  • Loba‘s Black Market will allow her to easily steal care packages. This can give her team some serious weapon advantage. Black Market can also be used to steal medical supplies hidden around the map.
  • Wraith‘s passive will be great for warning her teammates around flanks and ambushes. Her Dimensional Rift can also be used to move her whole team or provide a speedy retreat.

A Tier

A Tier Legends are strong picks that provide great team utility. They will synergize with most teams and can provide an advantage in certain scenarios.

  • Rampart may be one of the stronger defensive champions in Arenas. Her Amped Cover will help mitigate damage and increase outgoing damage. This is especially useful when heals are limited.
  • Revenant‘s Silence will be strong in this mode, since players must pay to use abilities. His Death Totem will also provide a free reset after a push. However, it can be a double edged sword due to size of the maps, as legends teleporting to the totem would be vulnerable.
  • Bloodhound will be a niche pick that can easily counter enemies trying to flank you. Bloodhound’s passive can also be used to easily track enemies.
  • It will be some time before we see the full potential of Valkyrie. Her Missile Swarm will be strong at forcing enemies to scramble, or laying down some nice damage if they don’t. Skyward Dive can be used at the beginning of a round to drop in on the enemies, forcing and early fight.
  • Bangalore‘s Rolling Thunder will be great at countering a push or flushing out a team. Her Smoke can also be used to disorient enemies or allow for a safe rotation.
Apex Legends Arenas
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B Tier

B Tier Legends don’t provide much utility to their teams. They can still be used, but don’t synergize with most teams. They usually have one ability that can turn the tide of a fight.

  • As a campy character, Caustic will only be useful in times when he is being pushed. His passive will also have no use without first purchasing a Nox Gas ability.
  • Crypto‘s Drone will be great for scouting out enemies. His downside is that his ultimate and passive are completely useless without his Drone. None of his secondary Drone functions – scanning legend banners, recovering dog tags, and using Respawn and Survey beacons – have any use in Apex Legends Arenas.
  • Mirage‘s Decoys can be used to reveal enemy positions, although that generally only works against new players. His passive may let him get some sneaky revives.
  • Pathfinder will get no utility from his passive. His Zipline can be used to reposition his team, but it’s predictable.
  • Octane will be a selfish pick in Arenas. While his Launch Pad can provide for team rotations, his passive and tactical ability don’t provide much team utility.

C Tier

C Tier Legends are going to be difficult to justify playing. Their kits rely heavily on grenades, or their ultimate abilities.

  • Fuse‘s passive ability will not see much use due to the cost of grenades. Knuckle Cluster can provide great zoning and poke damage, but it’s far from a game changer.
  • Wattson gets most of her usefulness from her ultimate. Due to the game mode economy, you won’t have it every round. Similarly, her fences would be difficult to justify buying, as they can be shot down easily. A well-coordinated team can definitely make use of Wattson, but she’s outshined by other legends in Arenas.
  • Horizon has been a staple in the battle royale mode for a while. Similar to Fuse’s passive, her ultimate is best paired with grenades. This will require teams to save accordingly. She also got hit with some big nerfs at the start of Season 9.
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