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Back 4 Blood PvP tips and tricks for Ridden and Cleaners

Spiritually and in every other sense, Back 4 Blood is the successor to Left 4 Dead, and just like it, Back 4 Blood features a PvP mode, where four-player teams battle for survival.

The goal in Back 4 Blood’s PvP mode is to survive longer than the enemy team. Each team will play both the Cleaners and the Ridden, one side after the other. The team that survives the longest as Cleaners wins the round, and there are three rounds played per match.

To help you survive long enough to win a match of Back 4 Blood PvP, here are some useful tips and tricks for both  Cleaners and Ridden, starting with the Cleaners.

Stay together

Don’t make classic horror movie mistakes and run off on your own. Isolated targets are easier to kill, especially when you have an entire team of Ridden trying to take you out. Stay close to your teammates to avoid being picked off. Being close to someone else will also make it easier for them to revive you when things go south.

Look up

Ridden need to stay hidden to respawn. Some common hiding places include rooftops and trees, so make sure to keep your head up and look out for enemies in high places.

You can be useful even if you are down

When Ridden get you, they will leave you lying on the floor. However, you still fire your secondary weapon at your opponents, clearing the way for your teammates to save you. In this state your secondary does not consume ammo or inflict friendly fire damage, so blast away.

Choose your cards wisely

At the beginning of each round as a Cleaner, you can select new cards. Each card has a powerful effect, either for you or your entire team. As PvP rounds are faster than the PvE mode, focus on cards with a high impact, or the ones that help your entire team.

Focus enemy players first

The enemy team playing as Ridden will use the horde to their advantage, hiding among all the undead to deal as much damage as possible. Make sure to kill enemy players as soon as you spot them. They will have to wait a few seconds before coming back into the battle, giving you a little break to kill the NPC zombies.

Now, onto some Back 4 Blood PvP tips and tricks for Ridden players.

Find the best hiding spots

Ridden must hide before spawning. Jump on a building to hide with the roof angle. As a Ridden, you can also spawn from within the swarm. Just make sure to position yourself in a way to surprise the Cleaners and put them at a disadvantage.

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Screenshot by SQUAD

Get the Cleaners in the swarm

The swarm is a cloud of insects that will damage humans if they get to the edge of the map. It shrinks after each round, making the fighting area smaller and forcing players to run into each other. Ridden are immune to the swarm, but it deals damage to Cleaners. Try to isolate Cleaners in the swarm for extra damage and to make their rescue harder.

Separate the Cleaners

Try to attack Cleaners who are alone, as they are easier targets. Once a Cleaner is down, chances are their teammates will rush in to revive them – hide, wait for the rescuer to arrive, and kill them too.

Hopefully, our Back 4 Blood PvP tips and tricks will help you survive longer, and win more matches. Stay tuned to SQUAD for more Back 4 Blood content!

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