Best anima powers for Tarragrue | World of Warcraft Sanctum of Domination

The Tarragrue is the first boss of World of Warcraft Shadowlands’ latest raid, Sanctum of Domination. To help you defeat this mighty beast, here are the best anima powers to pick for DPS, tanks, and healers.

Best Tarragrue anima powers for DPS

Huddled Carvings is the best anima power to pick for melee DPS. As long as you are close to two other teammates, your damage is increased by 30%. It is also a great pick for ranged DPS, but you will have to be more careful about your positioning to get the full benefit of this anima power.

Tremorbeast Heart gives a 15% boost to your primary stat – Strength, Agility, Stamina, or Intellect. As primary stats are the core of all damage, a 15% increase is a major improvement that will help you perform better.

Potent Acid Gland grants you a chance to throw a glob of acid at theTarragrue on each autoattack, inflicting Nature damage to the boss and increasing your damage by 25% for 8 seconds.

Pulsing Rot-Hive sticks a decayfly larvae to the Tarragrue, damaging the boss for 6 seconds. After that delay, the larvae hatch from within the Tarragrue and fight for you. As the damage inflicted is based on your spell power, this anima can be really powerful if combined with stats ameliorations.

Heart-Seeking Fang steals health every 2 seconds from any enemy within 15 yds. The damage and healing are doubled if the target is suffering from a Bleed effect. This is a great pick for classes applying a Bleed effect like warriors, rogues, druids, and hunters.

Obleron anima powers give one of your secondary stats a +12% boost. If you manage to find the Obleron power of your favorite secondary stat, this anima power can be a good pick.

V’lara’s Cape of Subterfuge gives your attacks a chance to make you fade away, reducing threat and increasing critical chance by 50% for 6 seconds.

Erratic Howler inflicts damage to the Tarragrue at random intervals and interrupts spells. Erratic Howler and other anima powers granting passive damage are a great way to improve your overall DPS.

Tarragrue anima powers dps
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Twisted Samophlange benefits your teammates, but will not impact your own logs. This anima power gives +15% damage and healing to three nearby allies, making it one of the best anima powers to give to your team.

Lumbering Form is one of the most powerful anima powers for DPS, but you will have to be very careful during the interphase. This anima power increases your damage by 30% but knocks back all nearby players. Make sure to stay away from your teammates with this anima power, especially when you are all trying to escape the Hungering Mist.

Ten of Towers is another powerful anima power that may be a handicap for the other players of your raid. It boosts your damage by 10% but will stun both the party and the boss if you die. Pro tip if you pick Ten of Towers: don’t die.

Elethium Weights is the most powerful anima power that doesn’t hinder your whole raid if things go south. It increases your primary stat by 30%, which is a huge bonus for both DPS, healers, and tanks. However, if you pick this anima power you will no longer be able to jump.

Unstable Form will not increase your DPS, but may save your entire raid. In Heroic and Mythic, the Tarragrue sometimes drops an AOE on the ground, which a player must soak; if nobody does, the entire party will suffer. Unstable Form removes the debuff applied by these AOE, allowing you to soak more and in effect prevent a wipe.

Best Tarragrue anima powers for tanks

Ten of Towers, the anima power that increases damage by 10% but stuns all players and the boss if you die, is a better pick for tanks than it is for a DPS. As a tank, you are not supposed to die, but if you ever do that momentary stun will allow your team to prepare a combat resurrection while your fellow tank taunts the boss.

The Stone Ward shields you for 30% of your maximum health, which can be pretty big for tanks. The shield also grants you immunity against stuns and knockbacks. This anima power refreshes every 20 seconds.

Blade of the Lifetaker gives your attacks a high chance to steal health from the Tarragrue equal to 10% of your maximum health. This is a great pick for tanks, as they have a larger health pool than any other role in the raid.

Elethium Diffuser deals damage equal to 50% of the damage your receive, but you can no longer step backward. This is one of the best anima powers for tanks, as it deals regular passive damage with little to no consequence on your overall mobility.

Overgrowth Seeding is also a good anima power for tanks against the Tarragrue. It increases your armor by 100% and reduces the power cost of most abilities by 30%.

Tarragrue anima powers tank
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Ever-Beating Heart is a must-have against the Tarragrue, especially for tanks. It provides immunity against stun and fear, protecting you from any shenanigans on the part of your DPS when they have Predator’s Howl. You can also soak the Chains of Eternity when the other tank has aggro on the boss, providing great value to your raid.

Unstable Form is another must-have anima power, especially in Mythic. It removes any debuff applied to you – like the Remnant of Forgotten Torments – so you can soak more of the AOE debuffs. This anima power also reduces all damage taken by 99% for 3 seconds, making it a great pick for tanks.

Stoneflesh Figurine reduces damage taken by 40% when your health is below 40%. This anima power can help you survive long enough for your healers to get you back to full health. However, if you reach 40% health and this anima power activates, your movement speed will be reduced by 40%. Make sure that doesn’t happen during the Hungering Mist so you don’t die during the intermission.

Best Tarragrue anima powers for healers

Twisted Samophlange is a great pick for healers. It boosts the damage and healing of up to three earby allies by +15%. As a healer, you can move near your DPS to increase the damage done to the boss and help them finish the fight faster, or move back to your fellow healers if the raid has taken heavy damage to help them bring everyone back to full health faster.

Ever-Beating Heart grants fear and stun immunity. This is a must-have in your raid, as it can soak the Chains of Eternity of that the Tarragrue drops.

Satchel of the Hunt increases the movement speed of nearby players by 30%. This anima power does not directly impact your performance but can be useful to assist some slow-moving DPS players or tanks during the Hungering Mist.

Soulward Clasp drops orbs at random intervals. Picking up one of these orbs increases damage and healing done by 25%, which is a massive boost for your raid members.

The anima powers boosting the primary stat, like Elethium Weights or Tremorbeast Heart, are also great picks for healers.

World of Warcract Sanctum of Domination Tarragrue
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Each player can select four anima powers before taking on the Tarragrue. If you don’t like your anima powers, you can reset them by interacting with a pillar next to the boss. Picking the right anima powers can make a real difference in the fight against the Tarragrue, especially on Mythic.

Now you have everything you need to pick the best anima powers and kill the first boss of Sanctum of Domination in World of Warcraft!

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