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Best Back 4 Blood cards and deck combos

The card system is at the core of Back 4 Blood. Each round, you can select a few random cards from your deck to help you defeat the Ridden and complete the mission. To help you make the most out of the card system, we’ve compiled this guide on the best cards and deck combos in Back 4 Blood so far.

Best offensive cards

  • Confident Killer: When you or your team kills a Mutation, you gain 2% damage (up to 100%) until the end of the level.
  • Two is One and One is None: You can equip a primary weapon in your secondary slot, but the swap speed is reduced by 25%. Considering how powerful primary weapons are, the tradeoff is more than worth it.
  • Broadside: Precision kills have a 20% chance to cause Ridden to explode, dealing 15 damage to other Ridden within four meters.
  • Combat Training: + 5% damage dealt and + 50% bullet penetration.
  • Avenge the Fallen: When you or a teammate becomes incapacitated, all teammates gain 30% damage, 20% reload speed, and unlimited ammo for 10 seconds.
  • Trigger Control: + 25% accuracy with assault rifles and sniper rifles.
  • Combat Knife: Turns your bash into a knife that counts as a melee weapon.
  • Ammo for All: Give your entire team + 10% ammo capacity.
  • Ammo Stash: Secondary weapons have unlimited ammo, but reload 20% slower.
  • Ridden Slayer: + 20% weakspot damage.
  • Shredder: Each bullet hit causes the target to take 1% increased damage for 3 seconds (stacks up to 50%). This is excellent for shredding mutations of all types.
  • In the Zone: Precision kills grant 5% reload speed for 5 seconds (stacking up to 10 times).

Best defensive cards

  • Second Chance: + 1 extra life and + 5 health.
  • True Grit: When you take a single hit for 15 or more damage, heal 8 health over 5 seconds.
  • Scar Tissue: Take 1 less damage from all Ridden.
  • Motorcycle Jacket: + 10% damage resistance.
  • Durable: + 15% trauma resistance and + 5 health.
  • Overwatch: Kills from greater than 15 meters grant 5 temporary health to teammates within 10 meters of the target.
  • Inspiring Sacrifice: When you or a teammate becomes incapacitated, all teammates heal for 25 health over 10 seconds.
  • Charitable Soul: Healing a teammate also heals you for 100% of the amount healed.
  • Medical Professional: First aids and defibrillators also recover 10 trauma damage and 1 extra life.
  • Wounded Animal: Kills while at critical health recover 1 health.
Back 4 Blood Aim Rifle
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Best utility cards

  • Breakout: Hold E to free yourself from grabs. This active card is especially useful as you normally can’t break free from grabs on your own – another Cleaner must come and help you.
  • Marked for Death: Mutations you ping are highlighted and your team deals 10% increased damage to highlighted enemies. This one is helpful if you play as a team, but loses its efficiency if all Cleaners are targeting different enemies. Press Q to highlight an enemy.
  • Knowledge is Power: Grants + 10% weak spot damage. Shows how much damage you deal and enemy health bars, making it easier to target Ridden with low health.
  • Shooting Gloves: + 25% weapon swap speed. This card is especially powerful if you combine it with Two is One and One is None and Ammo Stash.
  • Lucky Pennies: Whenever your team loots copper, you have a 35% chance to find 35% additional copper. Copper is the main mission resource in Back 4 Blood and you can trade it for weapons, accessories, upgrades, or cards.

Best mobility cards

  • Mandatory PT: +10 stamina for your entire team.
  • Superior Cardio: + 20% stamina, + 20% sprint efficiency and + 5 health.
  • Energy Bar: + 20% stamina regeneration and + 5 health.
  • Evasive Action: When you take a hit for 10 or more damage, gain 20% movement speed for 3 seconds.
  • Cross Trainers: + 20% stamina, + 20% stamina regen, + 3% movement speed and + 5 health.
  • Run and Gun: You can shoot while sprinting.
  • Pep in Your Step: Precision kills grant 10% movement speed for 5 seconds.
  • Stimulants: Pain meds you apply also grant + 10% movement speed, + 10% reload speed, and + 10% weapon swap speed for 30 seconds.
Back 4 Blood Vendor
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How to create the perfect deck

Some active cards rely on specific mechanics to grant their bonus. You can use this to your advantage and create a deck centered around a few mechanics.

For instance, Broadside, In The Zone, and Pep in Your Step all rely on precision kills. Dealing a precision kill with these cards will have a 20% chance to cause Ridden to explode and damage other zombies, increase reload speed to a maximum of 50% for 5 seconds, and grant an additional 10% movement speed for 5 seconds.

Two is One and One is None combines well with Ammo Stash. The first card lets you equip a primary weapon in your secondary slot, while the other grants unlimited ammo to your secondary weapon. This means you can have a riffle as a side weapon with unlimited ammo, which is extremely powerful.

Run and Gun allows you to shoot while sprinting, making it a must-have card if you plan on using other cards to boost your stamina.

Overall, the key to creating the perfect deck in Back 4 Blood is to consider the synergy between your cards.

These cards are among the most powerful of the game and can fit most playstyles. Each Cleaner has a different playstyle, so make sure to check out our Back 4 Blood guides to pick the right card for your Cleaner.

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