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Best camping locations in Call of Duty: Warzone Verdansk ‘84

With Call of Duty: Warzone‘s latest season underway, the introduction of Verdansk ‘84 now has players rethinking their strategies. That includes effective positioning, holding locations, and every FPS fan’s least favorite word: camping.

We here at SQUAD don’t condone the act of silently camping the entire match. (Side note: thank you, Raven Software, for nerfing the Roze skin.) However, there are viable and reasonable excuses for holding a location for a period of time. For instance, using a location’s height to pick off enemy teams surrounding it. Plus, some buildings can be used to hold players from escaping the incoming gas. Alternatively, you can use this list of camping locations in Verdansk ’84 as a way to sniff out teams that could be lying in ambush ahead of you.


Array is a brand new POI on the Warzone Verdansk ‘84 map. You’d be hard-pressed not to notice this location right off the hop, due to the size of the climbable metal grid towers. Raven Software might as well have called this area Sniper City, because it sure caters to sniper aficionados.

Array’s structure provides an open space for players to climb and flex their KAR98k shots. It’s the tallest structure Call of Duty: Warzone has had so far. It gives players a wide-open view of TV Station, Salt Mine, and the surrounding area.

Of course, there are downsides to holding this position. The entire structure is open and provides very little cover. Once other teams discover you’re there, you’re open to a possible bombardment of Precision Airstrikes and Cluster Strikes.

Image credit: Activision

Air Traffic Control (ATC) Tower

ATC Tower is still in play even after the introduction of the new map. Raven Software has not changed the tower, nor its viability as a camping location in Verdansk ‘84. Teams who are able to gain access to the top of the tower get an eagle-eyed view of the area.

Located just north of Airport, the ATC Tower provides enough cover while enabling teams to snipe and hold enemies crossing the runway. Be careful: the changes made to Airport and the clearing of the interior’s second floor introduces additional spots teams must keep an eye out for within ATC.

On the opposite side, ATC is in clear view of the open space between its location and Summit. This area remains mostly open, so if you’re confident with a sniper, this is a good chance to pick up some extra kills.

Farmhouse Standoff Church

Included in the revamped Verdansk ’84 map is a new area that is reminiscent of the Black Ops 2 Standoff Map. In fact, the Standoff map has also been used for the new Gulag. Now, smack dab in the middle of Farmhouse, is a church.

Image credit: Activision

The church is sizeable, and it provides a lot of cover and ample opportunities to use the windows to defend the area. It has a main door on the bottom floor to hold and attack players in the adjacent building. The second-story windows give a way to teams to look over the Farmhouse area and attack unsuspecting opponents.

The church also has third-story windows that can be used. Using the exterior, you can mantle your way up and creep through the third-story window. For this section, it’s probably best to only use long-ranged weapons and make sure you don’t have a glint on your scope. Once you’re discovered on the third floor, your only option it to retreat and drop right down to the beams below.

Torsk Bloc

Another Warzone camping location that survived the flashback is Torsk Bloc. Long-time players will know which buildings I’m referring to in the area, and yes, they are still a prime camp spot.

Two symmetrical U-shaped buildings reside in the Torsk Bloc sub-area. Although the area is not a major POI, securing the Torsk Bloc buildings can help you oversee the surroundings easily. Due to the height of the building, your team can assess the northeastern area from Train Station, as well as the hills leading towards Hospital.

Of course, you’ll have to keep tabs on the two stairwells leading up to the top of the buildings as well as the ziplines enemy teams may use. The other potential danger may stem from an enemy team securing the parallel building. A shootout will likely ensue, but thankfully there is plenty of cover on this side.

All that said, we encourage you not to abuse these Verdansk ‘84 camping locations. Instead, use them to secure your advantage when rotating and holding players from the incoming circle.

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