Best consumables to use in SWGOH Galactic Conquest

Boosters, Medpacs, and Techs! Oh my!

Galactic Conquest is a beast of a SWGOH game mode. Players braving it must rely on a strong roster of characters and squads to carry through increasingly difficult sectors. Stamina management is essential if you lack roster depth, and consumables are added to give boons to weaker teams. We check out the best consumables to use in SWGOH Galactic Conquest. Don’t worry, these aren’t a waste of Conquest Credits.

How Galactic Conquest Consumables work

As you advance through sectors in Galactic Conquest, you’ll pass through Wandering Scavenger stores that let you buy consumables like boosters, medpacs, and techs to boost your stats in battles. These consumables aren’t free and are limited in uses, so spend them wisely. They can help you achieve certain feats like boosting Health or Evasion so you don’t need tanks. You can find the Consumables tab in the Inventory section of the main Galactic Conquest screen.

Stim Packs

If you had to live by one single consumable in Galactic Conquest in SWGOH, the Stim Packs it. There are some key characters that would simply steamroll through all sectors in this mode if it wasn’t for the stamina cost of each battle. This is where Stim Packs come in. Use these on your Galactic Legends or Legendary characters like Darth Revan, Darth Malak, and General Skywalker. This consumable is definitely well worth the investment, as the bump in stats goes a long way.

Reflexive Barrier Tech

Reflexive Barrier Tech might be the best of the Tech consumables group. Reflexive Barrier Tech gives an extra level of protection for standard squads, or supercharges a team lead by Padme Amidala through Protection Up buffs. The Reflexive Barrier Tech effects are as follows: Give Protection Up (15%) for 2 turns on receiving a critical hit. Max Duration: 2.

The best way to use these consumables it to pop the Reflexive Barrier Tech, equip the Entrenched data disk, and bulldoze squad after squad with a Padme-led team after using Protection Up stacks to earn Courage buffs. It’s a parade of one-shotting character after character without any struggle.

Overcharged Health Medpac

Health is good: that may as well be the whole explanation right there. The more health you have, the longer you stay alive. But because we like context here, you should use the Overcharged Health Medpac consumable to secure that massive health pool bonus and earn feats like Win X battles without a Tank or Support or Win X battles with 5 attackers in your squad.

Feats aside, Overcharger Health Medpac is phenomenaly helpful for the Sector boss battles.

There’s no wrong answer

Consumables are all different paths to the same destination. In other words, you shouldn’t be afraid to purchase consumables in Galactic Conquest in SWGOH if you need that last push through a Sector. With all the strange bonuses given to each enemy, sometimes you need that extra bit of Health Steal, Potency, or Protection Up to get by.

Further along in Galactic Conquest, there are some fantastic Faction boosts as well, but those often come at a steep price of crystals. Either way, Galactic Conquest credits are a small price to pay to push for max rewards at the end of the Galactic Conquest cycle.

If this article helped you, be sure to stay tuned for more SWGOH content!

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