Best data disks to use in SWGOH Galactic Conquest

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has been tweaking and fine tuning Galactic Conquest for a couple of months since its release. Now that Galactic Conquest seems to have found a good balance and revamped the data disk roster, it would be good to list the best data disks to use in SWGOH Galactic Conquest.

Special shoutout to our fallen soldier: Deployable Cooling Systems. This OG data disk has GOAT status in the SWGOH community, and we will never forget how it carried rosters to the ultimate Galactic Conquest goal of a red crate!

Leader’s Resolve

The emphasis on the Leader tag holds weight for whatever squad you roll out. Leader’s Resolve is a phenomenal data disk to roll out to keep your main squads running at low stamina, with its considerable leader boost for large percentages of Max Health (66-82%), Max Protection (53-65%), Offense (40-49%), and Speed (20-24%).

This data disk is best for those SWGOH players who deploy General Anakin Skywalker 501st squads into Galactic Conquest frequently, or squads like Geonosians, General Grievous droids, and Bossk lead bounty hunter teams. Leader’s Resolve is also massive for Galactic Legends, giving them potential to act as one-person wrecking crews.

Massively Overpowered

The Massively Overpowered data disk is quite rare for Galactic Conquest to drop, but it’s a fun and massively overpowered data disk to equip.

The key for Massively Overpowered to work is to equip it alongside data disks that grant turn meter. Manipulating turn meter and mass buff granting toons work well too, so teams like First Order, Jedi, and Galactic Republic will thrive using Massively Overpowered. It’s short of an instakill, but it’ll pack a serious punch. This data disk is definitely worth using, if you stumble upon it.

SWGOH data disks massively overpowered

Buff Boosted Data Disks

Capital Games have made it easy to synergize data disks by adding a few that stack from earning buffs. We talked about Massively Overpowered a paragraph ago, but that’s a rare data disk that takes up 4 slots. Let’s look at the Turn Meter, Offensive Buffs, Defensive Buffs, and Stacking Offense data disks in Galactic Conquest.

When building your data disk loadout around buffs, you should be thinking of the bigger picture. You need your buff producing team (Galactic Republic, Jedi, First Order, and so on) and your buff data disks. If you have data disks that provide you buffs, but are missing the stacking or building data disks that take advantage of those buffs – such as added turn meter, stacking offense, massive damage – you will be self-capping the ceiling on your potential damage output.

Build a foundation that provides stacking benefits, and work up to data disks that provide buffs at the start of battle to begin snowballing. That means you should start picking data disks like Turn Meter and Stacking Offense early, so that you can take data disks like Offensive Buffs and Defensive Buffs later. Ramp up your damage output so that you can clear the higher and more difficult tiers, especially in the Hard difficulty Galactic Conquest.

More data disks to come?

Capital Games has made it clear that they’re willing to shift, shuffle, and remove data disks in SWGOH. While this list can get most squads far, there might be a data disk down the line that’ll run Galactic Conquest by itself. Until then you can consider this guide as a good starting point, but you should still play around with what data disks you can work with. For all we know, we can get Deployable Cooling Systems back!

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